I saw the sign, and it opened up my eyes and I am happy now!

Sometimes the universe just throws signs at you – and you have to just open your eyes and catch them. Fate stands up – shouting and waving – all you need to do is  pay attention.

But Fate, and the universe, don’t do it for you. Gold doesn’t naturally appear in your bank account and random people don’t stop you in the street to offer you your dream job. You do have to put some effort in – after all.

When I started this blog it was to practice my writing – and to start writing. I’d left a role into which I dropped, but did not choose, and had become too lethargic to leave voluntarily. Fate kicked me, with redundancy. And I finally said ‘Let’s write.’

I joined a number of forums – some for bloggers, some for copywriters and  some for chicken owners (but that’s a whole other story). Through the magic of the internet, I’ve read some amazing blogs and met some natural, brilliant writers who make me laugh and make me cry, who take me to heights of emotions or into deep thoughts.

There are some blogs that I read regularly, so much so that when I log on my helpful little Apple throws them up as places I would like to visit every morning. I watch their readers grow and their influence build. They are published and shared and liked – and I am jealous. Oh so jealous. And amazed, and supportive, and in awe, and proud, for the few I know to speak to, of how incredibly marvellous they are.

And my confidence fell, my own star faded and I wondered if, really, I should be heading back to the reliable but lacklustre role I left behind.

Along came Fate – with another big boot up the backside, but also some clear signs from the universe to deliver.


Sign 1 –

One of my irregular clients has asked me to work part time, regular hours, in their office. So – 2 days a week I will have to get out of my jeans into actual grown up clothes and work with other people again. This will give me 3 things I really want – lots of writing, lots of experience and lots of actual human interaction of the grown up kind.

Excited – yes! Apprehensive – yes! A little scared – very!

Sign 2 –

The best thing that happened all week was this. I met up with a client – the same lady who designed my picture up there at the top of my blog – so brilliantly and so easily. We were discussing a new idea and venture and as we finished talking about the important things, she threw in a comment about my blog – which was this.

“At one point I was quite obsessed in reading it, but you haven’t really written for ages.”


Thank you so much. That made my day. My week. That single piece of positive feedback really gave me a boost of much needed confidence and cheer – and made me want to write again. To know that someone was reading – and presumably enjoying – what I wrote was fantastic. And spurred me on to resolve that other issue – get on with the writing.

And then –

Sign 3

My mother is visiting this weekend and had just – literally – even as I was typing away, given me a folder she brought up of my old school reports and certificates. There are comments from my teachers that say things like

“It looks like we have overestimated your commitment  to work hard in this subject” – European History

Target – “To turn up to every lesson!” – Biology

And, consistently throughout my entire school life –

“You continue to combine enthusiasm and natural ability in this subject” – English

“Genuine curiosity and interest in English.”

There were quite a few other comments, particularly from my Biology and History teachers, which I won’t write down here in case my children use it against me one day!

And then I found this in the same folder. My Future Plans, written when I was 18

“I intend to go to university to study English and then travel through France and Spain for a year before finding a job as a publisher.”

Well – I did the first, I’m a bit late for the second. So – now to redefine, re-evaluate and get on with the third! I don’t know I’ll succeed. It may come crashing down in weeks. But – I’m going to try.

Thank you Fate. Thank you Universe. I needed those kicks, I have seen the signs. It’s time to get to work!

Oh – and I’ll throw this in, because it’s the song that springs to mind and I love it!

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