TTOT – From sarcasm springs glitter

Oh fate, oh karma – how you mock me!

Just a short post or so ago I was so very excited about starting a new lease of me, going back to work in an actual real office with actual grown up people. Perhaps I was over enthusiastic – perhaps I shouted too loud. Fate reacted, as always when I get too positive, with a short sharp kick in the gut.

I am not complaining about the people, I am not deriding the work, nor am I giving in. But I had allowed my hopes to build, my imagination to soar – and the experience was less than I dreamed.

So, here is my list of thankful for the week –


Go on – let’s thank her, that fickle bitch, who keeps me humble by offering me a piece of my dreams, but not the whole, so that I must ever struggle for more. Thank you for bringing life’s lessons to me so frequently – I am sure this makes me a better person.

2. Homeworking

Perhaps I am tainted now by my few years of home working – but having to be in a certain place at a certain time – repetitively – now grates like a fingernail scratched down a blackboard. It’s bearable and sometimes fun, but generally makes me shudder and cringe just a little.

So – I am thankful that I have had opportunity to work for myself and from home, to feel the freedom of choice, therefore to be better placed to miss it!

3. An understanding husband

That man who supports me in my work by listening to my woes, cheering for my triumphs and never once complaining that I am always working and never quite earning the same as I did in a previous life of management hell.

“Like a hamster in a wheel, chasing peanuts.” I think that was this mornings phrase!


For giving me an outlet for my humour and a way to express my frustrations!

5. My Punch Bag

For giving me an outlet for my frustrations and a way to express my humour!

And having said all that, let’s move on to the other thankfuls in life!

6. My husband

Because despite all that is said and done in the frustrations of the day, I am thankful for the husband who cares for our family, works to provide for us and is part of the team that makes us us. And because I am so very sad to have heard this week from so many of my friends of their own relationship woes, that I am reminded that what I do have is much more preferable that what I could have.

7. My view

Whenever I get brain blocked or stumped, whenever my brain starts to melt from over thinking or I just need time to zone out, I can look out of my office window and this is what I see! Who wouldn’t be thankful for that?


8. My view

It seems there are people in life who are forever seeing the negative, the downside, the worst possible outcome. I seem to know quite a few who, when offered a free drink, look for the hidden fee, or when given a hand of friendship, expect their bum to be bitten instead.

I have recently discovered that I am an optimist. Ask me a few years ago and I would have said I was a realist. Practical and cynical are words I have used to describe myself. But now, having become aware of the darker side of pessimism, I realise that I may be practical, I may be ever suspicious, but despite myself I remain eternally optimistic. And I like that!

9. Learning

Every day, something new to learn, to discover in this life. Or to rediscover, like the magic of a child’s hug, or the comfort of hot buttered crumpets.

10. The power of sunshine

As sent to me through the post this week, and arrived perfectly timed to lift me out of my dumps. Thank you to the wonderful Lizzi, who blogs so thoughtfully and deeply at Considerings – who has be so kind to offer me a virtual blogging hand of friendship and sent me a package of happiness.

Look at this – I opened this docile and seemingly innocuous package . . .


Only to be smothered and covered and awash in an explosion of colour. Thank you Lizzi for the glitter bomb – I am still finding pieces in my keyboard and work.



But best of all, there inside were two magical fairy stones – such a simple idea, but it’s brought a smile to my face, just as it has to a number of children who found these fantastical whimsies on the beach near Lizzi’s house – because that is where the fairies play!

Mine now have pride of place on my beautiful shelves. In case you are not aware, this is a SERIOUS and SIGNIFICANT honour!


And now – onwards to my hamster wheel!

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