GOYBADS and Procrastination.

Yes, I’m behind again.

I did tell you it was unlikely I would stick to anything! At least I kept that promise.

D’you know what, I think we will just take that little list of GOYBADS from March and throw it right on out the window. There it goes!

I had an aim, that aim was to get things done.

In February I joined the gym to get fit. I have just had an email from them agreeing I’ve failed miserably to get any value out of it and that they are willing to let me out of the 12 month contract, on the condition that I never use the free bag they gave me with the name of the gym on the side in public! Ever.

P’raps I was a bad advertisement.

In March I planned on going through all the video taken of the kids over the last 7 years and making one long movie. Can I tell you, we take a lot of film! I’m still working on the early years. I say working, I mean  avoiding.

The list of things i have not done is probably quite extensive – but I never got round to finishing the list, so I can’t be sure.

To procrastinate means, according to Wiki, the act of replacing more urgent actions with tasks less urgent.

Well – this morning I sat down to do the ‘work that pays’, but started reading blogs instead. I call this research and education.

Then I thought I would sort my invoices and tax. I even went and got the box of paperwork. I was sidetracked by teaching the puppy some tricks.

Just a moment ago it seemed an ideal time to get on with my coursework, but now I’m writing this instead.

Maybe I’ll just go for a quick coffee . . .

Come on then, shame me further. How are you all doing with the New Year Resolutions and promises you made to yourselves?



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