TTOT – Bright, fresh and unstoppable . . . maybe

What, more?

I rounded up the last year, then I summarised the main points of 2013,  I considered making some resolutions but decided to resurrect the GOYBADS instead and then I went skinny dipping with one legged ninja monks while debating whether to save the cockatoos . . . (seriously – where is my mind at these days) . . . and now you tell me it’s TTOT time again!

Gee whizz! How often does this thing happen anyways?

Right – on with the goodness.

If you have been round hereabouts for a while now, you’ll know that I love Mondays.

Yep, you heard me.

I       LOVE      MONDAYS.

I love a fresh start, a clean slate. I love the beginning of the week because everyone sets off, either to school or to work, and I get left with a tidy house (ish), a clean desk and a beginning, with a whole 7 days of possibility ahead of me.

So you know how much I love the New Year! Yep

THIS                                                                                               MUCH

New Year, New Start, Fresh beginnings

New Year, New Start, Fresh beginnings

So – let’s begin the year as we mean to go on – appreciating all the details that make our private little worlds spin.

1. Christmas was lovely, the food was plentiful and fattening, the booze flowed and we got to see, hug and love our extended family. En masse.

And then they left again.

Yep – let’s be thankful that we all have our own places to be, our personal castles where we can create homes, hearths and all that – and no one outstays their welcome. Lovely to see you – lovely to see you leave.

2. The decadence of society today.

I mean it. Really – be thankful for the decadence of our first world countries where we have clean fresh water at the turn of a tap, heating on demand, bulging supermarkets crammed with cheap clothes and actual shoes.

Be thankful that over the xmas period we allow ourselves – in fact, encourage ourselves – to buy more food to be consumed over a 3 day period than most of us need in 3 weeks. We gorge on chocolate, we lap up cake and cream and turkey and pie and pudding and custard and sausages and sprouts . . .

All this luxury really leaves me, by the start of the year, desperate for some fasting, some famine, some self-control and a really deep felt need for some exercise. The very grotesquness of my own indulgence makes me thankful that I am in a position to be able to choose to diet. Now! (cos seriously – now I really honestly need to.)

3. Vacuum cleaners.

The tree is down, the tinsel is gone. I’ve spent the day rearranging furniture, moving toys upstairs and clearing clutter out. The final task of the day was to grab the vacuum and give the now empty floors a final touch up.

A quick va va vroom with the vacuum and the house looks liveable again. Not just any vacuum either – a super sucking power vacuum that devours dog hair – thank you Dyson! In the battle of you versus the beast, so far you are, at the least, holding your own.

4. Sales.

I loved my Christmas presents and I am very grateful that I have people who care enough to treat me. I do. I am.

I especially did appreciate that Mr G took the time out to go and buy me some actual, real life, honest to goodness, not fake, Ugg boots. I really truly did love them, cos there is no way on earth I would ever spend that much dosh on a pair of shoes for myself – utter ridiculous amounts. I tell you now, they better be made of impervious spells that never wear out.

I did love them, but there was that ever so teeny sticking point. Just that I wear a size 6 – not an 8.5. Arguably, after 14 years together you might think your partner would know that. Possibly you might think that, if you were off to buy someone shoes, you would check the various other pairs around first to make sure you got the right size.

Anyhoo – so I did love them. I got to look at them, try them on and to take them back. Of course, the shop was out of all other boots by then, so I also got to get a refund. Then I got to buy the exact same pair in the sales and therefore make a little profit on the side too.

Yep – gotta love sales.

5. Fresh starts

There is something about the end of the year that gives the brain a mental kick. The year might have been tough, tiring, devastating even. We gear up for a final party to see out the last few hours and then we can put a big fat emotional full stop against all the crap – well, we try, anyway.

New year, clean house, tidy rooms, fat free cupboards . . . I feel refreshed, ready and totally up for the next few months and the challenges to come. All in all, I feel pretty unstoppable!

Time for a ride into the future!

Time for a ride into the future!

The more alert amongst you have noticed that this is only 5 Things of Thankful.

That’s your lot this week. Still – it wasn’t a bad 5, so just be thankful for that.




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