TTOT – The February GOYBADS

I’m going to cheat a little today and combine the TTOT with a GOYBADS update. There’s a reason I didn’t make a New Year’s Resolution and it’s exactly this – I’m already behind on the January GOYBAD list I made.

But it’s not all bad. So January didn’t quite go to plan. I didn’t manage Number 1 – at all. One week without alcohol – nope, that was not going to work. As for Number 2 – I don’t know where the slow cooker is right now. I’m sure I’ll find it before April. 

Bright Side 1

On the bright side, the paperwork is not only under control, I think I might be winning. Yep – instead of the mountains being about to collapse in on me, now there’s just slim piles that all fit nicely into one, easily ignored, folder.


Let’s be thankful for that!

So onto February. Last week I just had too much spinning round and I needed to get some focus.

Firstly, the decision was made. Muffin (my beloved Mini with a muffin top) had to go.

Goodbye Muffin, beloved Mini Countryman

Goodbye Muffin, beloved Mini Countryman

Bright Side 2

At least I got to enjoy a couple of years together before grown up’dom had to win.

This week we picked up the new Family Tank.

Introducing . . .

Introducing Cupcake!

Introducing Cupcake!

Cupcake – because she’s so sweet and petite!

Bright Side 3

Cupcake is like a tardis – no problem going on family camping trips with dog and bikes now. And that was the point, after all.

Bright Side 4

And after 6 – yes, SIX – whole months of procrastination, the deed is done and I can finally stop pondering, deliberating and scouring SUV reviews. My head feels just a teeny bit calmer.

Side Effect 5

I could now enter a pub quiz all about boot sizes and name at least 20 different models by luggage capacity!

Also on the February GOYBADS list was this . . .

Book Mountain.

Book Mountain.

The shelves arrived, but I needed time to sort out all of my books.

At one point I didn’t think there would be enough room . . .

Argh - One shelf left.

Argh – One shelf left.

Bright Side 6

Thankfully, there was.

Side Effect 7

While I was having a good time stacking books and arranging authors, I came across a number of old favourites, so I’m planning on spending some time re-reading long forgotten adventures.

You may have noticed the weather has been a bit pants. Admittedly, if you are not in the UK you won’t have had the enjoyable week of gales, wild rain and flooding we’ve been experiencing.

I know in other parts of the world there have been droughts or arctic fronts. Here, we have had continuous downpours. Parts of the UK are submerged and families are losing homes, belongings and livelihoods to filthy water and falling trees.

Bright Side 8

Here in the Midlands we’ve escaped a lot of the floods. The ground has turned to mud though, so it seemed a good time to test the capabilities of Cupcake’s 4wheel drive.

I think we broke the field!

I think we broke the field!

Mr G did manage to get us bogged down in a deep rut, but after a little wandering around the car shaking his head, he got us out.

I helped by collapsing into a puddle of hysterical laughter.

Look there - we did that!

Look there – we did that!

Yesterday was of course V day.

Mr G had a very long day at work, so we had a quick V day pint at the end of the day, before settling in to watch a film.

I watched, he snored.

Bright Side 9

At least we got a pint in.

A Valentine's pint with the family.

A Valentine’s pint with the family.

Tomorrow may be Sunday, but I have a lot of work to do. Boo hiss.

Bright Side 10

I’m going to get up early to start, so that I can finish early. We have a bike ride planned, assuming the sun comes out for an hour. After that, there’s a cosy nook with my name on it!

My cosy nook.

My cosy nook.


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