I blog because I am tense and impatient

That probably doesn’t make a lot of sense! Let me explain.

I started blogging because I wanted to write. I’d been made redundant, my whole life was taking a sharp right turn and I was grabbing the chance to try new things.

I carried on blogging because I was learning all the time – about myself, my style, what worked and didn’t work for me.

Now I blog for all those reasons and more.

In my working life – or as I call it, ‘the work that pays’ – I have a constant turnover of paperwork. I spend all day reading sad stories about other people’s lives, like spending all day in a reality show featuring divorce, domestic violence and child cruelty. Relentlessly, one case after another.

Media today often bang on about how exposing our children to the news, video games and TV is de-sensitizing them to violence. I’m sure there is an element of truth in that – I have read so many plots about contact battles and parents using their kids as weapons in their own private war that I have become immune to the individuals in each story.

But still I regularly come across a situation that is so sad that it makes me stop to cry for the children, to feel for the parent who is losing their family. The empathy is still there.

It does make for some tense days though. So I blog to take my mind to different places. To think about happy days I have spent with my children, family holidays, exciting trips out, even lazy days in. To focus on something bright and cheerful.

I’m impatient too. My kids will tell you, why stroll when we can speedwalk (I don’t run. That’s exercise). Sitting still for a long time is hard, unless my mind is busy. Even when I am watching TV, I’m online or reading at the same time. I want to do everything and I want to do it now.

So I blog, because it helps me slow down. To concentrate on one point.

I blog because I want you to join me too. I want to talk to you, the reader, and see if you have been through similar experiences or have the same thoughts. I blog to share my recipes for cheesecake sandwiches, because you really have to try them.

Every time I blog, I find another reason to keep on blogging. Next time I write about this, I bet there will be new things to share. When I can’t finish that sentence anymore, that’s when I will stop.

I blog because . . .

This is part of Finish the Sentence Friday, hosted this week by Finding Ninnee

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