Are you invading your children’s privacy?

I caught a part of the discussions on The Wright Stuff this morning. No, not the one about Doctor Who being female.

I mean – yes, we love the programme but no, we are not that worried about the gender of the Dr. No more than we were when they brought the series back in 2005, and we thought that whoever they chose would mess it up – or in 2010 when they brought in a seemingly childish Matt Smith, or in 2014 – old and grouchy Peter Capaldi.

The Dr’s change and adapt, we adapt, we still like watching. So, no need to get excited about the first female doctor until we’ve actually seen how it goes.

The discussions I refer to were –

Should posting pictures of your kids online without their permission be illegal?

What age should you stop tracking children by their phones?

The issue was whether doing so is an invasion of their privacy. Could it lead to parents being sued by our kids when they are older?

Most of us post pictures of our kids online. I do think there is a line – no naked pictures, nothing that they can be embarrassed about or that can be searched for by bullying school friends. Lock down your profiles, don’t share with people you don’t know, and use common sense. It’s not hard.

And technology makes it easy for us to track our children. My daughter is just starting to go out with her friends alone, and being able to track her makes me feel infinitely better, although, let’s face it, if I’m tracking remotely I am too far away to be able to help in time if needed. It’s about giving kids freedom to learn and explore, while giving parents just a little reassurance.

By the age she is old enough to get into trouble, she’s going to be astute enough to know how to turn the tracking off if she wants to.

No – what bothered me more was the assumption that your own children would want to sue you as they got older. Really? Do family so casually sue family? Surely you just have a good moan, shout a bit, and let it go?

While everyone is so obsessed with thinking about the rights of the individual child, they seem to be forgetting the family as a unit. In a healthy, happy family, surely the parents wouldn’t need a law to make them think about their kids nude pictures, and kids wouldn’t even consider suing the parents who cared for and nurtured them throughout their childhood?

Do we really need laws to tell us how to care for our children properly? It makes my head hurt.

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