GOYBADS – and a question for you!

Well gosh darn it – it’s only nearly the end of the month and the GOYBADS are seriously falling behind.

Let’s see – did I get off my arse and do anything this month?

There was that whole signing up to the A-Z April challenge thing – I did that. And I sorted a theme. And I have started to prepare. I have my subject list, I have a calendar all printed out and lurking, like some nagging soppy eyed hound desperately seeking attention, right beside me, and I have ideas building up in my brain, desperately trying to make me sit down at my desk and start writing.

A-Z April blogging Challenge

A-Z April blogging Challenge

But I do need your help!

Tell me, who do you think makes a great role model for a boy? I’m not talking famous – necessarily. Definitely not some dinky pop star from a boy band whose only claim to fame is that they were the cutest on XFactor.

It could be a superhero, p’raps. Superman is always kind to everyone, but a little cloying in smarm. Spidy is always just hanging about – and I always thought he was a tad whiny. Batman is basically a rich kid with too many toys. . .

Sporting heroes? Well – they are good at sport, but what basic character building qualities do they teach?

So tell me – who do you think makes a great role model – for their actions, not their cash. What message do they teach – respect, kindness, charity, caring for animals, toughness in the face of adversity . . .

Suggestions on a virtual postcard please – or you could just comment below.


So – What else have I done?

I dealt with Great Bike Debacle.

Our garden is not great for learning to ride a bike, being all sloped and wobbly and grassy – it’s basically recovered field, which is not easy for a learner rider. Plus kids bikes are HEAVY. I mean, seriously, they need leg muscles like King Kong to get these things moving on flat black tarmac, let alone deep rutted grass.

King Kong on a bike. (if you close one eye and squint a bit with the other!)


(My picture of King Kong on a bike – if you close one eye and squint a lot with the other.)

We don’t have a handy safe bit of drive or road either. When Sackgirl was learning she started with the traditional stabilizers affair, and when it was time to move on we had to make a conscious effort to drive her and her new bike to a nearby cricket pitch where we took advantage of their carefully manicured lawn for a bit of pushing, peddling and balancing as she toppled left and right, like Bambi on ice.

So with Botboy we went at this malarkey from a different angle. We bypassed the stabilizers and went for a balance bike. He finally got the hang of whizzing through the local shopping arcade, perfectly upright, nary a wobble. Yes – we are that family who let’s their kid ride through a pedestrian street. Let’s face it, he’s 4. How much damage could he cause? (rhetorical question, no responses required!)

Excellent, thought we – and off we went to a bike shop, all ready for the big boy bike. Where we hit 2 problems!

1. He can balance – but he can’t pedal!

Seriously – Sackgirl could pedal, but no way she could stay vertical and pedal at the same time. Botboy could stay upright, but had no idea how to make the wheels go round unless he put his feet down to push – whereon he was whacked in the shins with the useless pedals.

2. Possibly related to his smarting shins – he just didn’t want to try this new bike.

What kind of child doesn’t want a new bike?

Well – mine apparently. He just is not keen on change (he refused a brand new coat today!)

It took a mix of cajolery, bribery and in the end, a threat, to get him on this bike. But I did it – and even managed to get them to the park to get some muscle building time in.

(In case you want to know what threat I had to use on this contrary child who didn’t want to change his bike – I brought it home, and then threatened to take it away again. One minute he was refusing to touch it, next he was stood in front, warding me off! Reverse psychology, we have a winner!)

Oh – and after all that, we still had to get stabilisers while he learnt to use the darn pedals!



A slightly worried face while he studies these pedal things, some advice from his sister . . .  to one satisfied customer!

A slightly worried face while he studies these pedal things, some advice from his sister . . . to one satisfied customer!

What else? I got round to visiting the old school and laying some ghosts to rest.

And on the more practical side, I sorted the end of year finances, filed the paperwork and paid some bills.

So – GOYBADS for March – I proclaim you done!

Now, what’s on the agenda for April . . . ?



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