TTOT – Easter hunts and popping balls.

I don’t do religion in my blog. Well, I did once, prompted by Sackgirl. But it is Easter, which is partly about fresh beginnings. And although right now we are looking ahead as a family, and working on stepping forward, it’s important to look back as well. Otherwise, how can you see how far you have come?

Out of curiosity I took a look at the first TTOT I joined – which was about making changes to our lives. And it was 3 years ago. Now that’s pretty amazing. Not that TTOT has been going for that long, longer in fact, because it’s a great idea. But that after all this time I am not only engaging with it (sticking power) but still finding things to be thankful about.

Which goes to show just how many things there are in our lives to be thankful for, even the small ones.

I do enjoy the Easter service at the kid’s school, mainly because I like the songs at this time of year and can have a good singalong (apologies for anyone sitting nearby, I am tone deaf but enthusiastic). This year the church is being repaired so the service was in the school hall, which appeared to dull the enthusiasm of the adult singers. On the bright side, this did allow me to hear the children all very clearly.

If you are not from the UK, or even the Midlands, you may not be aware of the constant debate over the pronunciation of certain words.

Do you say ‘bath’ or ‘barth’; ‘laff’ or ‘larth’; ‘gras’ or ‘grarse’?

Being a southerner I would use the long ‘ar’ sound. Mr G, being from the Midlands, says ‘a’. Our children – well, they may be a little confused. They come out of school talking about the day inĀ ‘clas’ and then, between one sentence and the next, change it to ‘clarss’ becauseĀ I am present.

Still, it was interesting to listen to an entire school sing one of my favourite hymns, ‘Lord of the Dance’.

100 children singing ‘Danse’, with, I felt, added glee.

“Danse, danse, wherever you may be
I am the Lord of the Danse”, said he.

My lone voice at the back, using the correct pronunciation of ‘Darnse’ – well, I was drowned out. But it did entertain me.

Then on Good Friday we had a lovely few hours out and a couple of drinks with GMB and others. Time out is precious, and good company, lots of stories and a right good giggle can be very good for the soul.

Not so good for the hangover though, which I am less thankful for!

Saturday was a bit of a bust, but today has made up for that. A lie in and a lovely Sunday lunch with family. The kids had their annual Easter Egg hunt, organised as always by their grandfather. He does go a little overboard – 4 grandchildren now have the chocolate equivalent of winning a day trip to Willy Wonka’s factory – each. It’s going to take me days to finish all of that without them noticing!

And – I’ve discovered a wonderful new chocolate. Well, the chocolate itself isn’t. The grandfather also gave me an Easter Egg – a delicious Lindt Lindor egg, with lots of lovely Lindor balls. Normally I like my chocolate chilled, but even at room temperature these balls have a harder chocolate shell with a more squidgy chocolate centre.

Today my balls were very close to the fire! I popped one in my mouth. Yes – I can fit the whole ball in.

The outer shell was still firm.

I bit into my ball!

Inside – warm liquid chocolate just exploded around my mouth. It was – amazing.

Unfortunately it was also my last one. *sigh*.

All this lazing about has left me a little behind on some projects though, so Easter Monday will have to be productive – getting the end of month work off my desk so that we can pack up Cherry and pop off on the first outing of the year!

Easter Egg Hunt



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