Let’s Zip it up!

Dear Sackgirl and Botboy

Its here. The end of April.
The end of the A-Z Challenge.
I started this challenge convinced of my own insanity.

And – with a song. A song about Sunscreen.

There was determination. And concentration. And dedication.

There was sweat (figuratively) and blood (I ripped a nail) and tears.

Rather biblically, it all began with an apple. Later on, we even discussed God, a little.

An Apple a Day keeps the Doctor Away

An Apple a Day keeps the Doctor Away


We danced around the concepts of best friends and custard, and how well they mix.

Dance like there is no one watching.

Dance like there is no one watching.

We explored the world around us. And then we took a long look at how fantastic the big wide world can be, even the bits we can’t see.



I faced up to the fact that one day you will be leaving me to live with someone else – but there is always a home here for you, because I love you.

Jealousy, Kissing, Karma and KnickersKicking arse (that came up twice) and respecting yourself and others. Growing up is hard, but so is old age.

It’s been a long and busy month, an entire smorgasbord of thoughts and thinking and feeling and growing together.

However, it has to end somewhere. And so we come to the final moment. The last two letters.

I could expand on how the most important Y is You.

Because no one in this world matters more to me than you. No one is more unique, beautiful, special and wonderful than you.

But, I think we’ve covered that, and besides, there is something else. It’s a simple thing. This one is from daddy – because we have to let him have him moment.

Besides – it’s valid.


Don’t eat yellow snow.


Yup – that’s it. That’s what we have for you. Y is for yellow.



And finally, sleep.

When we send you to bed, it’s not just so we can sit in peace and watch TV with swearing and sex and violence and adult themes. Honestly – it’s not.

And it’s not only so that we can then get out the drink and the chocolates, the expensive cookies and the luxury ice cream and scoff the lot without wasting it on a younger and less appreciative palate. Well – mostly it’s not.

Nor is it so we can put our feet on the table, jump on the sofa, throw balls in the house and wipe our dirty fingers on the walls. Because seriously, no!

It’s because sleep is good for you. You need your 8 hours a night. For your health and brain and to make you grow.

So – go to bed.


love mum.


P.S. Did I mention that I love you? I can never say that enough.




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