TTOT – Stress, anxiety and cake. Lots of cake.

These days my posts are just like buses – here they all come in a row.

It’s the start of February, and my first TTOT of the year. Appalling – but necessary. So, let’s catch up.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. I know – it’s so long ago you can’t even think about it now. New Year went by quietly – well, quiet by previous standards. We spent it with family and friends and had a few drinks, but not to the point of raucous singing, naked bottle bowling or paddling our Hawaii Five-O canoe down the street as in previous years.

Mr G was home from work for the holidays, and we got in a little exercise. Emphasis on the little – we are a lazy family. I know, I admit it. WE ARE LAZY. I’m coming to terms with it, believe me. I’m finding I can cope.

Mr G out on his bike.

Mr G out on his bike.

He does enjoy his mountain biking – so we had a pleasant afternoon, he out getting covered in mud, the kids and I walking the beasts with friends and having a good gossip.

Then we hit the January slump. You know -where the excitement of the festive season is over, the build up deflates and we have to go back to work. No one likes it, but this year our slump hit an all time low.

Mr G went back to work, and then came home, and finally, after struggling and fighting it for years, accepted that he was suffering from stress and anxiety and all that horrific shit that just makes your head melt into a puddle of confusion until nothing makes sense and everything – moving, working, eating, family, friends, thinking, breathing – all seem just far too much.

We had a couple of weeks of handling that – or rather, not handling that, just handling the beginning of handling that – because you don’t handle all that in just a couple of weeks. We’ve started – and that’s what we needed, he needed, and I’ve been needing for such a long time.

For the first time in forever I can get through a whole day without feeling like I’m holding on the hundreds of strings, each one of which is connected to some part of our life, and if I let go of one, the wrong one, our whole world will explode, but I don’t know which one is the wrong one and I’ve got slippery hands, and someone just keeps handing me another string to hold and . . .

So, great news. Mr G has been home for a few weeks, which means we have had some time to do more together and with the kids.

He’s walked the beasts with me.

Walking the beagles.

Walking the beagles.

And you know what – the little buggers behave for him.

We had a bit of snow, so we made the most of that!





Yeah, yeah. I know. You might get 10 foot of snow every single day where you live. You laugh at our snow. But we do what we can with what we have!

I mentioned that we had a puppy party after the baby beasts all turned one. No sooner had she had her birthday, Crumble decided to grow all the rest of the way up in a hurry and went into her first season. Clearly feeling she was old enough to make her own decisions, she decided the ‘no dogs in the bedroom’ rule didn’t apply.

Beagle in the bed.

Beagle in the bed.

Puppy in season on bedding. Yuch!

The kids have been enjoying their more relaxed mummy and daddy. We’ve been spending time doing things with them.

And then there has been cake.

Sackgirl made pavlova.



Mr G and I went out for a meal. It involved cheesecake.



The in-law and I went to Starbucks.

Blueberry Muffin

Blueberry Muffin

Hey – at least this one was a skinny muffin.

(Which, by the way, apparently means they remove all the taste. As a public service announcement – just have the full fat and eat less later!)

Then Sackgirl made a Victoria sponge, but the beasts stole it before we could eat it.

Today we had a go at something a little different –


Tiramisu cake


Tiramisu cake – beautifully light sponge, creamy filling, coffee/brandy taste and, for added deliciousness, smother in Tia Maria!

It’s not cheesecake, but I could eat more.

The good thing, besides all the cake I am having to eat, is that Sackgirl is really enjoying the cooking – and the spending time together. She is totally crap at cleaning the kitchen afterwards though.

Cooking great - cleaning, not so good.

Cooking great – cleaning, not so good.

Oh – one last thing.

I think the stress in the house has manifested itself in a rather unusual way – it’s warped the minds of the kids.

Can you believe – both my kids say they really love maths! I mean, what kind of child not only likes maths, but asks me to give them extra homework.

Shamefully, they tell me English is boring. BORING! Can you believe it?

Maths? Voluntarily? It's not normal.

Maths? Voluntarily? It’s not normal.

So – there you have it. Plenty of reasons to be thankful, not all cake related. And now we are all caught up, I promise to blog more often. Pinky promise!




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