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Wife, mother, puppy chaser extraordinaire. Freelance copy-writer and blogger! Life is full of opportunities - it's having the time to grab them that's hard.

Beast – we name you depression.

stick woman carrying a cloudy figuative depression beast on back

There is a beast that brings pain and fear into our lives. It slinks into the corners of our relationship, and lurks in the recesses of our minds. We sense it’s fearsome gaze, unblinking in it’s intensity, hot breath raising …

Festive Frenzy


December is just about the busiest time of year for mums. Worse than the start of the school year for rush shopping. Worse than birthdays for party planning. Roll all that into one, and then times by 5. That’s the …

Who knows?


It seems that everyone is talking about depression these days. Ten or so years ago, saying “I’m depressed” just meant you were having a low day, feeling a bit crappy. Having actual depression was a hush-hush mental illness no one …

TTOT – Carry On Camping


Last week we enjoyed a family week in Cherry, our wobble wagon, down in the rolling countryside and beautiful beaches of Devon. I had a few aims for the holiday. No screens for me. No playstation for the kids. Family …

I lost my son beside the sea.

Botboy, not bothered in the least that he had given me thirty minutes of hell.

I sat on the picnic blanket covering the wet sand, a slight twinge of worry in my stomach. My little boy, 5 years old, had just shot past me excitedly, swinging his bucket as he raced along the beach towards …

10 things in a box!

Cakes - always worth remembering

So last week or so ago I wrote a post for TTOT and, being in my usual super speed dash through life, I linked up with Lizzi’s piece over at Considerings and read through her post in a rather slapdash way, thinking …