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Preparing for my mid-life crisis

Gosh – isn’t it hot!

(Of course, by the time I post this I expect the heatwave will have passed and we’ll all be wrapped once again in blankets mourning the British summertime.)

It’s beautifully sunny. Botboy is away with the Beavers – a bit like being away with the fairies but we expect him to be returned in one piece and a little bit wiser. Sackgirl is wandering forlornly about the place, sneaking sips of my Pimms when she thinks I’m distracted. The dogs have disappeared inside, sensible enough to know when it’s too hot for fur coated bodies.

I’m pondering over the next big event in our lives – this year I turn 40. Well, it feels like it should be a big issue – I keep finding myself wondering why I’m not focused on it. I mean, I am sure I’m meant to be having my pre-40 meltdown, and there is a mid-life crisis scheduled sometime about now – but it’s not arrived.

The thing is, Mr G turns 50 this year. And he just keeps telling me that, well, 40 is easy. After all, he is well past that one. Which means that every time I get near to a big event, he’s just always going to have done it first. And that’s just annoying.

So I’ve decided that I may just need to stage my own mid-life crisis – I just can’t decide what to do yet. I’m going to start by trying some new things.

All suggestions welcome.



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