Not just one, but two mystery numbers

It’s been an odd week all round. Sackgirl has been away on a weeks visit with the school. Despite her usually getting in from school and heading straight to her room to screen her friends, desperate to discover what happened in the 20 minutes they had been apart, and not appearing again until bedtime, the house has seemed unusually quiet.

Botboy has taken the opportunity to be an only child by insisting that we, his parents, should play with him, in such a way that it is clearly a special occasion. Of course, his parents playing with him should be less treat and more everyday life – but then we never claimed to be enthusiastic about Pokemon cards with alternate rules anyway.

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 10.01.41I’ve also received my first random and very naughty text. I did reply to say that it seemed a little early for that – but decided not to keep the conversation going too long! Whoever he was, he was very polite.

In the meantime, we have had constant calls for some lady called Doreen over┬áthe last 8┬ádays. At first I thought it was a wind up, but it seems the phone lines are crossed. Anyone dialling her number gets our house. I’ve had a chat with an elderly lady called Sandra and explained the problem – something like this.

“Is Doreen there?”

“I’m sorry, there is a crossed line. Every time you call Doreen’s number you get through to me instead.”

“Oh, ok. I’ll try again in a few minutes.”

“Then in a few minutes you’ll be speaking to me again.”

“Oh – well tell her I said hello.”

“I don’t know who Doreen is. I can’t tell her that.”

“Why are you answering her phone then?”

Doreen has a lot of elderly friends! Eventually I got fed up of trying to explain the problem to Doreen’s friends and family, and called BT myself. Hopefully they will get that fixed soon – although I have had another call from her nephew to see if it’s sorted yet. Clearly not!

There’s just one thing I can’t work out. At some point on Sunday Doreen’s house phone called my mobile. Now – anyone calling her landline gets through to me – but how did she get my mobile number?

It’s a mystery.

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