Ten seconds of peace


Just – stop.

Whatever you are doing, while you read this. You’re also sipping on your coffee, thinking about the next blog you are going to read, listening out with one ear to the children beating on each other and wondering whether to go intervene, or planning your day’s chores.

So much happening in your head right now!


Just – take a deep breath. Breath in, through your nose, deeper and deeper. Fill your whole lungs up, feel your chest stretching. Pause and hold it in. Count to ten.

Breath in – just a little bit more.

Let it out slowly.

Did your shoulders drop, just a little bit further? Did you smile – a little? Did you notice? If not – go do it again. Close your eyes, and listen to the breath inside your body.

Ten seconds of peace.

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Wife, mother, puppy chaser extraordinaire. Freelance copy-writer and blogger! Life is full of opportunities - it's having the time to grab them that's hard.

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