TTOT – A relaxing day off.

I thought that I would take a relaxing day off this week.

I knew this was likely to be a mistake – like wafting a big red flag in front of the fates while dancing on their new rug with wellies on – but my reasoning was this.

Mr G has been off work for 6 months, which is 6 months with another person in the house for 24 hours a day. Now he’s gone back to work, you think I’d get some time alone, but no. It’s been work work work, 7 days a week for the last 4 weeks – which is great, for the work side. But tiring for the me side. Then there was a funeral on Monday. And Friday was the last day of school, which meant that it was also  my last chance to have some time out alone, before the kids were home all day.

So, I took a day off.

My plan was simple. Finish 5 days of work in 3 days, book into the local salon with spa sideline, and enjoy a relaxing massage, get my hair cut, a bit of waxing – getting it all done after the dog walk and before the final school run.

No problem.

Beagle puppy on cushion

One poorly puppy, not wanting to get out of bed

So, on Friday morning, after 3 solid nights of working until my eyes bled, I overslept, woke up late and rushed the kids to school, before rushing home to start the dog walk. Only, my puppy was not in the mood for a walk. A bit lethargic, all morose and not at all playful.

And then, Daisy, the dog of a friend, did a runner, vanishing like magic into a corn field.Thirty minutes later we found Daisy, and I set off for my massage late.

I have to say, the massage was amazing. I totally relaxed.

I may have fallen asleep.

I may have snored.

And then – it started to go wrong. Well, let’s just say I’d planned to leave by three, but the trainee hairdresser was very slow, and I was late getting there, to be fair. By 3.30, I was getting a little irritated. I had to get a friend to pick up the kids from school on their last day of term, which just felt wrong – and finally left by 4.30.

With a big fat thick fringe. WTF – how did that happen?

Then I got home to find the puppy had been laid up in bed all day, not moving and looking very unhappy. Cue immediate rush to the vets – where another trainee decided that she looked stiff and, being a beagle, it must be meningitis. One steroid injection later and not a lot of information and anther dash back home to put the puppy back to bed before setting off to find the kids.


beagle puppy

One happy puppy

Frankly, I’ve had more relaxing days at work.

So, it seems that that there must be something in there to be thankful for – let’s see.

  1. No more school runs for 6 weeks. That’s definitely worth a smile.
  2. Our summer holiday in Devon is all booked up -10 days away with the family, and hopefully some sunshine.
  3. I’m up to date with work, after a couple of very frantic weeks. Big relief.
  4. All the rushing aside, I did get my massage. And that was amazing. Despite the potential snoring that now means I can never go back there.
  5. And the waxing is done.
  6. In case you wondered, the puppy was back to bouncing after a couple of hours of steroid induced delirium and looks pretty much herself.
  7. I discovered my cat likes Malteasers so much she will sit on my lap, put her paw in the packet and hook them out, batting my hand out of the way if I try to stop her – which provided me with some entertainment – until I realised she was eating all my sweets.
  8. I talked Mr G into getting the kids a small pool – so they will be occupied while I work all summer. Even though I know that means it’s going to rain for weeks now – red flag + fates, remember.
  9. I’ve had a day off – and won’t be silly enough to try that again for months.
  10. My hair will grow again!
paddling pool

Happy kids means a happy summer

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TTOT – A relaxing day off. — 8 Comments

    • Panic – trying to find time for yourself seems to be very hard work – so much to do first to make it happen. Do you remember when you could just do things spontaneously? I don’t think I have ever been a jump and go type of person – but before kids at least there was some chance of leaving within the hour of making a decision. 🙂

  1. This spring I went in for a “shoulder skimming bob”. I settled in and got far too relaxed as she worked with my hair. I was suddenly startled back to reality when I realized the electric razor I was hearing was being used to shave the back of my head. I go this Wednesday for round two of attempting to grow this mop out and shape it up again!
    May recently posted…TToT: Stop and Smell the RosesMy Profile

    • Oh blimey – well at least there was no razor – but the curly (because I cannot be arsed to use straighteners every single day) wispy fringe is not really enhancing my face. Oh well – it will grow!

  2. Ohhhh good grief! I did laugh when you said you realised the cat was eating all your sweets!

    So sorry your day off was completely manic (apart from the massage), and I hope the next 6 weeks have LOTS of relaxing days for you to enjoy and unwind in.

    Glad the puppy’s okay! That’s a relief.

    (Different hairdresser next time – NOT the trainee!)
    Lizzi Lewis recently posted…Ripples of ThankfulnessMy Profile

    • My Malteasers – cheeky feline!

      Yup – glad the puppy is okay now – I spoke to one of the people who had a pup from my litter and they had SRM so bad they have been on the medication since November – we got away with just a few weeks! Poor pups.

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