A single, small, beautiful step forwards.

A single step forward. No matter how small, every step matters. We have to celebrate the successes, and enjoy the brief moments where the cloud lifts and the sun manages to send a ray through.

I’ve noticed recently that I’m having trouble concentrating. I’m not talking about procrastination, although I am an expert at that. I just can’t concentrate.
There’s been a few things going on, obviously. Our house is in recovery at the moment, and it’s a cautious place to be. Tentative.


I’m also actively building my business, and we are considering an awesome but frightening new venture as a family. So – brains going at a hundred miles an hour, and we are piling on pressure at a time when perhaps we should be sitting back.


And yet, I’m having trouble concentrating.


I sent my kids to school as normal on Thursday. But, I forgot it was a non-uniform day. Yes – I did that!

I sent my son to school on Friday telling him he was mistaken, there was no swimming that day. I shot up an hour later with his swim bag.

I accepted an invite to a swimming party for my son about 3 weeks ago, but forgot to book a spare ticket for my daughter, even after discussing it with other parents taking siblings, until the day of the party. It was booked up, but we wrangled it.


I dropped the ball this week, quite a few times in fact. So much constant juggling, eventually everyone has to scratch their nose occasionally.


Still, I am ending the week feeling kind of positive.

I’ve had a few successes at work, some interesting meetings and a new project ahead that looks great fun.


Then, I received some really positive feedback on a piece of work. Better yet, after seeing the same piece of writing, I got a new client. Word of mouth and all that.


After months of plugging away, I’ve taken a single, beautiful step forward. It feels – good.

Botboy decided he actually does like swimming and wants to have lessons again. It’s a small success, but let’s grab it!


I went for a bike ride with Sackgirl in the gorgeous sunshine that greeted the first day of spring. So many people were out enjoying the fresh spring air, and everyone seemed relaxed.



I won some tickets. I never win anything, but I actually was picked to receive tickets to go to the Terry Pratchett Memorial. He was one of my favourite authors. He died last year, but not before giving me over 30 years of reading pleasure and some thought provoking viewpoints on the right to die. 

It will be a sad day, a sad event, but I feel excited to be part of it (and excited to have won something). I imagine that the other hundreds of people going will feel the same mix of melancholy, poignancy and anticipation. And confusion over whether it is appropriate to be pleased about attending a memorial.

I cannot imagine leaving behind a legacy as amazing as his own. But maybe, just maybe I can leave a smaller one.


So, yes. Feeling a little more positive and enthusiastic. Surely it’s our turn to feel the sun on our faces, just a little.

Let’s just hope I can concentrate a little better!

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A single, small, beautiful step forwards. — 12 Comments

  1. I relate to this post (and the one you referenced) more than I think I care to believe. But it was good to hear someone else is in a similar situation. Hope your week is lovely, Piper.

  2. A memorial done well is an amazing experience. So, you just go ahead and feel pleased. I think it means that you were appropriately appreciative and moved.

    The idea of keeping the balls in the air–that sometimes we have all got to scratch our nose? That made me laugh. So true.

    • It is true – no one can do everything well all of the time. We have to have some time out.

      I think the memorial should be an amazing event and I cannot wait. So many thousands of people wanting to pay their respects to one man and the world he built, what an amazing legacy that is.

  3. YAY! YOU WON A THING! Isn’t it an awesome feeling? Well done you.

    SO glad you have these small steps forward and such good things going on. All the small things add up to bigger ones and they all count. And give yourself a break – like you say, you’ve been juggling all the balls for so long, it’s almost inevitable that a few of them hit the floor, but you’re picking them up and getting going again and GOOD FOR YOU <3
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