A steak for Valentine’s Day with Beefeater

After a long, damp January we needed a treat. So, Mr G and I were delighted to be invited to the Beefeater to taste their signature dish – who could say no to a juicy steak?

I have to admit it’s been some time since I went to a Beefeater. In fact – the last time was about  17 years ago and many towns away. And I wasn’t eating, I was the barmaid working my way through university. At the time I didn’t even eat beef!

So, I was interested in visiting The Ladybridge in Tamworth partly from a nostalgic point of view – to see whether they still wear the same green uniforms – and because, unlike my younger self, I really do appreciate a good piece of meat now.

Ladybirds Beefeater Tamworth

At first glance the Ladybridge was warm, inviting, but perhaps a little vast, not quite the intimate place I was hoping for, considering it was our first child free meal out in quite some time. However, we were pleasantly surprised once shown to our booth – the high backs and lighting made our table feel quite private and we were able to enjoy a conversation – something quite hard to do at home without interruptions these days.

The staff were very pleasant and on the ball – and not in the bright green outfits I recall from my own time. In fact, service was fast – no lengthy waits – and our waiter, Tris, was quietly entertaining and chatty, whilst not intrusive.

Bartering over our starter is a feature of every meal Mr G and I have out. He likes the share platters and BBQ sauce, and I have to say I was very tempted by the Ribs & Wings combo, with ‘sticky duck wings’. Mmm – duck!

It would, of course, have been a lovely romantic meal to share a platter – that is, after all, the point of them. I, however, love prawns, and Mr G is not a fan of fishy, which means I don’t often get them at home. So, I plumped for the Garlic King Prawns (can we all say mmmm,garlic) while Mr G had Pulled Beef & Yorkshire Pud slices – anything with a Yorkshire Pud in it makes him happy.

Garlic King Prawns in skillet at The Ladybridge Beefeater Tamworth

Garlic King Prawns in a skillet

I have to admit, the prawns were not quite as King or as exciting as I had hoped – a little dry so I had no garlic butter left to dip my warm ciabatta in.

Mr G, however, seemed very happy with his Pulled Beef & Pud – he commented that the beef was very ‘beefy’ (!) which is apparently not bad, just observing that it had a strong taste.

Pulled Beef and Yorkshire Pud slices

Pulled Beef and Yorkshire Pud slices

Still, everyone knows that a starter is just a taster for what’s to come, so we waited in anticipation for our steaks. Mr G had gone for the extravaganza – the 18 oz Porterhouse – while I opted for the more luxurious but ladylike 8oz Fillet.

The Beefeater also offer unlimited skinny or triple cooked chips with a main meal. Now, I have to admit we are just a teensy bit snotty about our chips! A good English chip should be chunky and crunchy on the outside, soft in the middle, with a clean taste – none of this greasy, over used oil. Being offered unlimited chips is also a massive point in the Beefeater box – don’t you just hate running out of chips to mop up the sauce with?!

Being their signature dish, we also had high expectations of the steaks. After all, you can’t call yourself a steak house and get the order wrong, now can you? So – no pressure, Mr Beefeater. 

18oz Porterhouse Steak The Ladybridge Tamworth

18oz Porterhouse steak

Well – I believe Mr G was happy with his steak, which was ginormous!

He had his large, juicy steak with peppercorn sauce – and despite the offer of unlimited chips, in the end it was just enough for a very hungry hubby.

8oz Fillet steak

8oz Fillet steak

My fillet was delicious – succulent and tender and perfectly cooked. Just the right size for my stomach too!

The presentation of the meal – and the starters – was lovely as well. I think having nicely presented food just makes it feel a little more special. So that extra touch made this a really enjoyable place to go for a meal together.

Perfectly cooked, succulent fillet steak.

Perfectly cooked, succulent fillet steak.

And in case you thought I had forgotten – the chips were excellent!

Bonus points for getting the chips right, Mr Beefeater. 

A romantic meal is not a true romantic meal, of course, without the sweetness of decadent desserts. Okay – that could just be my criteria, but then I have a sweet tooth.

Of course, being me, I had to try the cheesecake. I’ve recently come across a local cafe that serves home made cheesecake (and refuse to share the recipe with me, despite repeated trying) which is A-mazing. It takes some to beat that one – I’ll be reporting back on that with pictures soon.

I’ve not yet found a restaurant that makes a cheesecake that I love – but I was very impressed with the Ladybridge. A lovely smooth cheesecake, very strong taste of vanilla which was unusual but tasty, and they put the mixed berry compote on the side at my request, so I could actually taste the pudding (I hate it when it’s drowned in berry sauce).

Mixed berry cheesecake & honeycomb sundae

Mixed Berry Cheesecake

By this point we were both ready to explode – such a delicious and decadent meal out and a real treat for us as a couple. So – at this point, my brain on a sugar high and my mouth tingling with taste sensations – I opted for a Baileys latte – just to top it all off.

I should clarify – normally I drink my coffee strong and black. I’m not a fan of these milky latte frappe cappuccino things that take away the full force of an expresso hit.

But a Beefeater / Costa Baileys latte – now that I could do again. In fact, I’ll be working on replicating it – I’m sure there will be many a few practice attempts to be sure I get it right. IMG_5763

Satiated, indulged and feeling very much relaxed, having enjoyed an actual adult meal out, a long and uninterrupted conversation and very enjoyable food – we rolled home to complete our evening with an early night.

So – would I recommend the Beefeater for a romantic meal out?

Well – I would. Although at first glance the surroundings are not all that intimate, actually we felt really relaxed and comfortable. Being in our little booth gave us some privacy to have a conversation and the atmosphere and staff were friendly and welcoming.

As for the food – there is a lovely choice of sharing platters for a really romantic start to the evening. I may not have been excited by my prawns, but every other item we ate was delicious – the steak was perfect and the chips top notch. I even rate the cheesecake.

As for value – well, we did indulge with the higher value items on the menu, but Beefeater offer a number of deals that make it a great night out for any wallet – in fact, over Valentines Day they have a special offer that makes it the perfect choice for couples –

Beefeater’s Say it with Steak offer (3 courses per person for £19.99) is available from Thursday 11th – Sunday 14th February.

Would we go to the Beefeater for Valentine’s Day?

We sure would. In fact, we may well do. The night we went was a Thursday and filled with parties and families – and we still enjoyed our couples night out. So, on Valentine’s Day, with the focus much more clearly on coupled, I’m sure it will be even better.

Now, everyone say it with me. Mmmm, Steak!


I have received a voucher for our meal in payment for this review, however all opinions expressed are my own – and those of guest taste tester Mr G.



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