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So last week or so ago I wrote a post for TTOT and, being in my usual super speed dash through life, I linked up with Lizzi’s piece over at Considerings and read through her post in a rather slapdash way, thinking that I would read it more thoroughly later. I saw something about a competition, a comment on a box – this one . .

#10 EXTRA EXTRA COMPETITION! SO – because this is fun and stuff, here are the things which are in my box, and once the weekend’s over, I’ll put the names of everyone who took part in the TToT100 celebration into a hat, and the co-hosts into another hat, and I’ll match ten people with the co-hosts to each receive a box, then the co-hosts will be in touch with their winners to arrange mailing.

And in my head I thought – and don’t ask me how I reached this conclusion – that Lizzi had posted a competition that everyone had to write a TTOT post about 10 of their favourite things that they could put in a box.

Okay, it was a big jump.

And then on Facebook I saw a reference to this box and, again, totally not reading properly, I replied that I hadn’t seen it in time to enter. Lizzi replied that I had already entered – and in my fog of confusion I went off to do the other 20 things on the urgent list of the day.

And thought nothing of it.

Until I got home a few days ago and had a post from Sarah Summerlin, who posts at Amycake and the Dude saying I had won a box. So then I had to go back and read it all properly and realised I had completely the wrong end of the stick.

But it doesn’t mean it was a bad idea of mine (theirs).

And that’s a long winded way of saying that here are my 10 things out of my ‘box’ in the house, of things that are important to me. This is my box of special things.


Memories on the wall

Memories on the wall

I have pictures all over the house, and the majority of them are of family. I’ve never ‘got’ art, until recently.  What I have is photos of the special moments and people in my life – wedding pictures, snapshots of my children as they grow, memories of the travelling and exploring Mr G and I have had. Sri Lanka on our honeymoon, Mexico and climbing Chichen Itza, Cuba and swimming with sharks, Tunisia and riding camels . . . fantastic adventures.


Petals in the palm

Petals in the palm

Talking of honeymoons, this bowl was something we picked up in Sri Lanka and is carved from a slice of a palm tree. On one of our stops as we travelled the country from top to bottom we stayed in a beautiful hotel that had covered our bed in rose petals. I thought nothing of it until I was unpacking at home and found all the petals in a box. Mr G had brought them home to cover our own bed at home for me.


Wooden flowers

Wooden flowers

Talking of exploring, this is another of our memories, this time from Cuba. We went back again about 10 years later and the same things were for sale in the same market.


Cakes - always worth remembering

Cakes – always worth remembering

So I keep harping back to our wedding – it being an obvious and quite large event in my life – but these little figures would definitely be in my ‘box’. I spent ages sneaking about trying to get photos of Mr G’s beloved car from all angles, shots of dresses and other details and then sending them all off to be made into these cake toppers by a slightly surly but clearly talented lady I found online.

Then I had to find a cake lady who was willing to experiment with my idea of a wedding cake – 3 layers of chocolate cheesecake – and then go to a cake testing session with Mr G while having secret conversations with the amazing Chris of Dulcie Blue Bakery about how to make sure it would take the weight of the topper.

The resulting cheesecake was perfect, everything I wanted, and a total surprise for Mr G. The wedding was obviously perfect, but the toppers remind me of so much more – my son falling asleep for the entire ceremony, my brave daughter walking in alone as the bridesmaid, the fun I had controlling all the planning – amazing memories and feelings that come back whenever I look at these little statues.


Dragon wall

Dragon wall

This is a photo of my bedroom wall in my mum’s house, that I painted when I was about 16. Although she has wanted to paint over it ever since I left home, my mum has kept it until I gave permission – which I won’t. So now my kids get to sleep in the dragon room whenever they visit her.


Ancient gifts

Ancient gifts

My nan was a special lady – as many grans are. She made us laugh every time we saw her with her sayings – “You’re as daft as a brush” and loved to show her grandchildren off to all her friends. So proud of us, she was.

So, these are some things I have that remind me of her. 1st, the quite ugly musical jewellery box she bought me as child, that I still have.

2nd, this clock she gave me as I turned 11 and set off to boarding school. It still works, and I still use it every day. 27 years on – well done Casio.

3rd, her beloved gold watch. I was informed I would have this one day – she told me this every time I saw her for as long as I can remember. It’s far too small for me, and I don’t think it would work again (clearly not Casio) but I love it.



I have always loved treasure chests, and Mr G bought this for me one year when we were dating. I keep all of my memories in it – my babies first grows, the first snuggle blanket, a book from my hen night, written in by all my closest friends, letters from my parents and friends all the way through school, badges, cards, drawings from my children . . .



Talking of which, one of my most precious cards. This mothers day card from my beautiful daughter.




A piece of the white beaches of Florida, sent to me by my cousin who lives there, over 30 years ago, with sand dollars, star fish, coral and sharks teeth, all found on the beach and not picked from the sea.


Terry Pratchett

Terry Pratchett

A new addition to my memories – a momento of my favourite and recently passed away author – Terry Pratchett.

GNU Terry Pratchett.


So – there it is. A box of things from around the home that I love, that have meaning.

And now, since I stole the idea from Lizzi – in a way anyway – I think I will challenge her, firstly and Sarah, secondly, to play my new game and fill their box to show us 10 special things. And then to challenge 2 more people – and so on.




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10 things in a box! — 29 Comments

  1. Absolutely LOVE this! Mind was spinning the entire time. Ten things….sounds like a great TToT post!!! Thanks for nominating me with Lizzi–such great company!
    Sarah recently posted…RushMy Profile

  2. When I pop over to a post on a day where my unread queue says “276” you know you’ve got my interest. This is delightful – such wonderful things. I love them! I’m in…I have a feeling Sarah’s gonna tag me. 😉
    Lisa @ The Meaning of Me recently posted…Away MessageMy Profile

  3. I love this! I love how your misread (twice?) turned into something fun anyway. I particularly like your treasure chest! I have a tiny little wooden box (about the size of a shoe box) that used to be mother’s. It’s beautiful. She was a detail-tole painter & would paint on anything that stood still long enough. She passed away before she could paint on this box, though. I keep a lot of pictures & meaningful cards & momentos in it, but it is WAY too full now. I’d love a full-sized chest one of these days — probably not to replace it, but to add to it anyway. . . Then, there’s the watch of your nan’s. I have a gold bracelet of my great grandmother’s that I have treasured since I was extremely young. . . It is amazing that there are material possessions that can mean so much to us. It makes me smile. Thank you for sharing.
    Reta Jayne recently posted…Workin’ Hard or Hardly Workin’?My Profile

    • How beautiful to have pictures and art of your mother’s around. It’s not the possession itself that means so much, its the memories they invoke though. I did realise as I read through my post how much it’s based on memories – I might walk round again and look for things that make me think ahead to the future, like an ‘explain periods to your daughter book’!

  4. Pingback: Ten Things of Thankful #102 | Considerings

    • Oh yes – I did love the cake. 3 layers of chocolate cheesecake, covered in shards of chocolate. The cake maker had to make a number of test mixes and put them around her house to test how long they would stay solid for in heat 🙂 It was a challenge and she took it on magnificently.

  5. This is such a cool thing you’ve started! I was tagged to do a 10 things in a box post by Sarah, so I’ll be working on that this week. Love your pictures! Love the cake topper and the story to go with it. And the petals! I have petals, too, that will probably make my 10. The watch is lovely; I can tell it’s really old. Oh, and I have a cedar chest, too, filled with special things. Just love this whole thing, Piper!
    Dyanne @ I Want Backsies recently posted…A Soggy Week of ThankfulsMy Profile

    • Im so sorry it’s taken me ages to get back to your comment – So rude!
      I’m going to go back and read everyone’s 10 things posts, and see if it’s still going. I’m so nosy. I love that we all treasure such similar things.

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