TTOT – The end of a year, but did we learn anything?

What a year it has been. Ups and downs, ins and outs. Life can be so topsy turvy when you think about it. This time last year I was both celebrating a new job, the job that I hoped would lead me on to a new career and the future – and worrying that Botboy was poorly.

This time this year, every member of the family has been struck down with a terribly lurgy – temperatures and coughing and lost voices and general disgusting grimness – except Botboy who went to school every day and never stopped bouncing.

In February I was bemoaning the loss of my beloved Mini. By October I was celebrating that my new car, Cupcake, made it possible for us to tow a caravan.

Goodbye Muffin, beloved Mini Countryman

Goodbye Muffin, beloved Mini Countryman

Throughout April I was taking part in the A-Z Challenge, where I looked at Yellow Snow, Kicking Arse, Dancing and Custard, amongst other things – and looked at how each of those things were a thought for my children.

In June I shared a message to my mother-in-law, one year after her passing and one year of heartbreak and depression and pain for those she left behind, while in July we looked to our future and took on new roles as landlords.

Mr G built us an awesome garden bar, so we celebrated the end of summer with a number of friend filled parties.


And from there, throughout the rest of the year life became a merry-go-round of work, rushing and coping and chores and feeling like my castle, built of post-it notes, to-do lists and parcel tape was about to come tumbling down, if I didn’t get just one more job done.

So – to add to my stress levels, we had puppies.


Don't let the apparent calm fool you. They move now!

Don’t let the apparent calm fool you. They move now!

As I look back through the year of posts a common theme is repeated over and over – that I have too much work and not enough time with the kids. That I am drowning in necessary tasks, but never find the bedtime stories or the painting or the homework as important as the paperwork. That I needed to re order my life. I promised myself – and you – again and again, that I would get the kids to the top of the list.


Actually – I just might have!

Starting with – that job! Well, I finally started doing regular hours for a PR company – but it was not to be. The job I went for was not the job I was doing. And finally – I couldn’t take any more.

Taking in my concerns over my own family and how I was failing the kids, I decided to prioritise family and sent an email in last week quitting – and do you know, even though the owner read it, she never replied.

How rude!

Which could be related to some of the reasons I left, but who knows? I won’t be saying another thing (well, not yet).

Which meant I had all of December to deal with my poorly people, growing puppies – and fit in some family time.

Sack girl, Botboy and I decorated the house – and I didn’t rearrange everything after they went to bed!

Sackgirl and I made mince pies and chocolate cake, did some shopping and some reading together.

Botboy and I built lego cars and shot bad guys, cuddled and had some proper movies nights.

And I promised that this will carry on!

Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life

Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life

So – at the end of another year and after a lovely, if cough filled, Christmas, here are my thankfuls.

Always, that I have my family, my bodacious Botboy and my Stupendous Sackgirl and my foundations – the gorgeous Mr G.

Again, that I can take time, albeit a long time, to realise that the time I have should be spent on colouring and cupcakes and stories and singing silly songs with my family. 

Amazing – that we got through the whole of Christmas without anything worse than fever and coughs and that, after 3 weeks each of this spluttering, things seem to be improving.

Awesome – the new massage chair Mr G bought me for Christmas, that is now my favourite place to spend 15 minutes a day on me time. And that I now get me time.

Ahhh – did I mention, a houseful of puppies?


If I don’t blog again before 2015 – have an amazing, awesome, love full, laughter filled New Year.

New Year, New Start, Fresh beginnings

New Year, New Start, Fresh beginnings

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    • The puppies and the bar have been the highlight of the year I think – the bar because of the joy and friends it brings together and the puppies because . . well, who couldn’t love puppies.

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