A month of thankful – and puppies.

Oh my goodness. A month! A full month since I last wrote a post. Although, to be honest, it’s been a month since I last wrote anything really worth reading. There has been a lot happening, some good, some bad, and somehow I need to combine some updates with my Things of Thankful, because, well, multi-tasking and time saving!

Let’s see –

1. I mentioned before that we had slipped down that dirty slope into breaking our own rules – mostly in that we took our beloved beautiful beagle to be mated.

For weeks afterwards we waited for some sign. Morning sickness, bloating, bad moods, sore breasts, a desperate need for chocolate and irrational bouts of crying . . . I suffered through all of these while waiting for her to show!

Eventually I could wait no more, and despite her clearly growing to twice her normal size and becoming exceptionally clingy, I still paid for a scan because I just couldn’t wait any more.

So – thank goodness for technology that takes some of the waiting out of life for intolerably impatient people!

Pregnant beagle

Poor, heavy, morose and pregnant beagle


2. As her belly inflated and her appetite went down, Bagel went though her 9 weeks of pregnancy with increasingly morose and heartfelt sighs. As she moved restlessly around the room, unable to lie comfortably, to walk, to climb fallen trees or chase delivery men any longer, I felt increasingly guilt ridden at this liberty we had taken with her body.

So – I am thankful that dog pregnancy is only 9 weeks – and that hers passed without complications.

3. This end of the year is ridiculously busy in schools. As a parent for previous years I’ve moaned about the increase in charges that come home, as kids need to contribute for school trips, pantomimes, gifts, donations to Children In Need, Remembrance Day, let alone the extra curriculum events organised by the over zealous PTA – fairs and cake sales and grottos and carols and movie nights and  . . .

This year I need up paying in triplicate. Not only was Botboy at school for the first year – 2 kids to pay for – but being one of those over zealous PTA this year I seemed to be forking out more and more in both cash and time.

Still, in years gone by I have not noticed the efforts of these pestersome women who harass other parents in the playground – I just turned up to events, paid my dues and fled. Now I appreciate the time and effort put in by a few, well meaning and undervalued parents who really just want a few goalposts, or new team strips, or waterproofs for reception children or some other small items that just make the school experience a little bit better for all of our children.

So – I am thankful for the years of parents who have done this role before me – and I’ll be thankful when my term is up and I can feel justified in passing the baton to the next sucker caring mum or dad.

4. One memorable Thursday in the last few weeks I had a rather frantic call from my brother, who was away working in Brazil, and who had reason to believe his wife and my niece were at risk from a mentally deranged stalker.

Obviously, being so far away he felt powerless to help. Thankfully for us all, he can fall on our family as back up. So, thank goodness for brothers (and sisters), mums, dads, even in-laws and friends, who we know that in times of need we can rely on to drive 130 miles at the drop of a hat to sleep on our sofa and make us feel safe.

5. The papers and news and internet are full of stories of what could have happened, but thankfully, the situation ended calmly, without anyone being hurt.

6. That same, somewhat eventful weekend Mr G, GMB and I went to a neighbours party. Coincidentally an old/ex-friend was there. The evening became a little bit repetitive, as she apologised profusely to me for the misdeeds that caused me to call a halt to the friendship, before, a few drinks later, complaining to my friends that she had done nothing wrong, and, a few more drinks later, regurgitating all of the details that had caused me to walk away over 1 year ago and finally, after yet more drinks, dancing determinedly in-between GMB and I like a jealous lover. I later heard that she passed out at the hosts house.

Sometimes it’s refreshing that nothing changes but in this case, it’s just sad. I am sorry that I couldn’t help her then, but I am thankful that I walked my family and especially my kids away before we became any more involved in that.

7. Then there was Botboy’s first parents evening. I have good kids!

8. I managed to get a few hours out to do some cake making. Okay, I bought the cake.

But I did do the decorating, which is something I enjoy, but don’t have time for anymore. And, although this was technically a chore for the PTA, I quite enjoyed myself.


9. Which brings me to the end of November and the Christmas Fair – the highlight of the school calendar and one of my favourites, where we get a bit of early xmas shopping, we take the kids for their magical moment with Santa and eat lots of sugary goodness.

And I missed it.

Because that morning Bagel went into labour. Technically, she went into labour the night before, but the contractions were visible that morning. I shot off on the school run, came home and settled down for a long wait – and 90 minutes later she was moaning and crying, and leaning into me, head raised, eyes wide, mouth open in an almost silent howl, and then, magically, a puppy was born.

It’s a moment I can never forget – as she turned around in disbelief at this strange being she had produced, before instinct took over and she cleaned and licked and got that puppy breathing and wriggling away – before doing it another 5 times.

Sadly, the final, 6th puppy was stillborn, and despite both her efforts and, after she just knew there was no point in continuing, another hour of trying on my part and Mr G, who was home by then, we could not revive him.

But, thankfully she had 5 beautiful, healthy puppies, 2 boys and 3 girls, who were, from my limited experience, born quite easily and without complication, without health issues or defects.

10. And from there I have spent the last 9 nights on the sofa, so that I am close to her and the puppies, ready to jump in at every yelp as she learns not to lie on them, or bury them in the nest, or stand on their heads, or wander off while they try to feed.

She has been an amazing and natural mum.

And thankfully, my sofa is quite comfy!

Beagle puppies - newborn to 1 week old

Beagle puppies – newborn to 1 week old

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