A lifetime of good deeds, undone!

I hinted a little while ago on my Facebook post that I had sunk to a new low, entered into a deed which had previously been inconceivable. In fact, I didn’t sink once – but indeed I did it twice. Two separate things, both undertaken in the last month.

You must know that everyone has a different definition of where their low would be – some people flinch from flicking a spider out of the window, while others commit heinous crimes without a murmur of conscience. I feel my own misdeeds will disappoint some of you, as being inconsequential, whilst others may understand my own stress of conscience.

So here is deed 1.

Over 2 years ago I purchased my beautiful beagle puppy, Bagel. After considering rescue – a very important option for thousands of poor, neglected animals just wanting a family of their own and a chance to love – and deciding that with the age of our children we needed a dog that we knew the background of, that we could trust and train from an early age – and because I really, really wanted a beagle, we bought our puppy.

My husband has always had a rescue dog as he grew up. His parents would not consider buying, when they could save. The thought of adding to the overloaded animal industry was not an option. Because of that we swore that we would never breed from her. Statistics show that from every litter bred, at least one is likely to end up in a rescue center, homeless and maybe a little bruised and battered form the cruelty of man!

And yet – despite our guilt, we have decided to mate Bagel. Not only decided – but done it. Yep – for a variety of reasons and justifications, after lengthy debate and considering a great deal of issues, we came to the conclusion that we would mate her, this one time. So – watch this space for endless beautiful, cute, adorable, delightful, delicious puppy pictures that will be coming soon . . .

3 hormones

And deed 2, I hear you ask?

Well, (and here I look around furtively in case people are listening), here is proof that we, Mr G and I, have reached a point in our lives we have been avoiding and denying.

Here is the point we had to wave goodbye to our youth – our twenties and our freely available cash, our luxury getaways to the Caribbean and our careless dropping of dosh on unnecessary consumer waste.

Here is where we looked at our beautiful children, our 8 year old girl and our recently turned 5 little boy, and accept that they are now adults.


They are adults.

At least, that’s what the airlines tell me. That’s what the hotels and the travel agents and the other people who make millions of pounds each year charging full adult price for a 110 cm tall child who weighs under 3 stone. They tell me that he needs to pay an adult share for aviation fuel and for adult portions in restaurants and that he will, of course, neck an adults portion of booze and cocktails on an all-inclusive holiday.

So, now we accept that every family holiday will now cost the price of 4 full adults, we can no longer afford them. And, it became time to look at new holidaying alternatives.

Which brings us to . . .Cherry.

After years of shouting at those darn slow drivers who block up the roads and are too big to overtake, who get stuck down country lanes and cause endless blood pressure issues and incidents of road rage –

We bought a caravan.

We’ve tried camping – we accept that 3 nights is our limit before family fun becomes traumatic divorce material – and we’ve tried squeezing the entire contents of the house, plus dog, into the car to go away for a weekend – and we have concluded that just pulling our house behind us is going to be easier.

We did the deed, we paid the price. And even as I type this I am lying back on my brightly coloured orange sofa, the rain pummeling the plastic skylight and rattling on our tin roof, while Mr G cooks up crumpets in our weak burning stove and shouts at the portable and unreliable aerial.

We bought our first caravan – and we are really quite enjoying ourselves.

But shh – don’t tell anyone.

Cherry the Caravan!

Cherry the Caravan!

Have you ever had to backtrack on promises you made, make life changes you promised yourself you would never do?

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A lifetime of good deeds, undone! — 13 Comments

  1. This was so funny! I don’t know which country you are in but if you are in the US you should definitely check out my site! As avid campers all over the US I was probably one of those slow ass drivers that get on everyone’s nerves. We actually sold our camper since our children are grown and we can do more spontaneous trips with just hubby and I, in our tent (with a 3 ft. airbed, our fan and of course the Keurig machine) we’re really roughing it. We go back and forth 2 days camping 2 days in a hotel and go back and forth! Enjoy!!!!
    Rena McDaniel recently posted…UNTIL YOU’VE BEEN TO UMPQUA LIGHTHOUSE STATE PARK!My Profile

    • 12! I would be happy with 5. Tell me, did your dog go flipping mental before hand – 5 weeks in and Bagel has never been so darn vocal and demanding. Every 5 minutes she is up and wanting to go in, or out, or in, or be fed, or out, or watered, or in, or out . . .

  2. *snorks* You glorious old farts, you 😀 I am GIGGLING MY HEAD OFF. I do rather love the name ‘Cherry’ though, so I’m happy for you. I hope that your holiday and your relaxing all goes well.

    As for breeding – I don’t know all the ins and outs, but I’m happy to accept your reasoning and say “whatever works” 😉
    Considerer recently posted…Error: Please re-bootMy Profile

    • She’s the Cherry on our Cupcake – that’s what we call the car! 😉
      It was actually quite fun – and we are raring to go again. Do you do camping? Maybe we should have a bloggers campsite meet!

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