Five ways to rid yourself of writer’s block

You may have noticed that there has been a little bit of a hiatus on the blogging side recently. I don’t know why, but my mojo left me, words failed me, enthusiasm zapped and my get up and go, well, went.

A great big pile of paperwork engulfed my days and I was sucked down into a maelstrom of ‘must do’s’, ‘have to do’s’, ‘can’t do’s’ and ‘will do’s’.

It was exhausting. I was down in the dumps. Deep in the doldrums. Drowning in doo doo. (Well, not that bad!)

I couldn’t write. A whole day or two went by when I didn’t even check on my blog. I even stayed away from Facebook.


I almost went to see the Doctor. “Help me, Doc, I’ve got writer’s block”.

Luckily I found a few ways to drag myself back out.

1. La La La La La Bamba.

Play it. Loudly.

I picked up the kids from school. They settled into the backseat to bicker. The constant sniping and “You did”, “I didn’t”, “You did”, “I didn’t” began to gnaw through my brain like Japanese water torture.

In a moment of total, universe stopping sympathy, my radio started playing La Bamba.

I turned it up. FULL VOLUME.

The point here was to drown out the sound of the kids. Or stun them into silence with the combination of deafening beat and my toneless screeching.

Suddenly the sun was shining through the window, the windows were open and I was driving along belting out tunes at the top of my lungs.

I felt better.

(The people in the cars next to me at the traffic lights may have felt worse, but I couldn’t tell due to the pained expressions on their faces.)

2. Plan a party

Plan a party. Or a trip. Or a night out. Something to look forward to that breaks up the monotony of never ending ‘must do’s’.

It’s GMB’s birthday next week, so we spent an hour discussing cocktails, BBQ’s, beer and flavours of cheesecake.

Mmm. Beer.

3. Take a long walk.

The Morning Dog Walk Crew sets off at 9am. We do the school run (the majority of us are mums) and we meet at my house, usually full of angst and stress and irritation at having to turn sloths into school ready children and have them dressed, fed and at the gates, through the morning traffic, on time.

We set off, ranting about whatever the teenager did last night, the husband didn’t do, the mother-in-law said or the boss failed at. As we set the world to rights we walk through lush meadows and bluebell filled woodland. (Of course, this is the sunny days. The walk is just as pretty on a cold, windy morning when the rain is sleeting down into our faces and dripping down into our wellies, it just doesn’t have the same cathartic effect).

By the time we reach home again the cobwebs have blown away and there has been at least a few laughs.

How to clear writers block

Morning Dog Walk Crew


4. Coffee and cheesecake

Because everything in life gets better with cheesecake. Coffee is just the bonus on the side.

Take 10 minutes, turn off the TV, shut the door, close your eyes and enjoy the bite of a chilled chocolate cheesecake, with crunchy biscuit base and topped with a light lashing of cream.

Feel the texture.

Savor the flavour.

Shhh. This moment is all for you.

5. Turn off.


Well. Not everything.

But computers, with their continuous little whoosh or ding that means another email has popped into your inbox that needs reading RIGHT NOW. Turn that off.

And phones, that you set up to bark whenever a text arrives, meow when your facebook status gets a comment, hoot like an owl if a tweet arrives and play an exciting little tune personalised to eveyone who calls – Dangermouse for your boss, Dogtanian for friends, the Flumps for your mother and the Jaws theme tune for the in-laws.

It’s all very amusing to begin with, but right now you feel like you’re sat at a child’s tea party in the middle of a wildlife reserve. It’s not relaxing. Turn that off.

Ipads, tablets, laptops, wifi – in fact it might be faster to just turn the power off to the house.

OK – you have to have all the dinging and whooshing and meows during the week, but at weekends, turn it off and step back in time to the 1850’s. If someone wants to talk to you, they’ll have to physically come and find you.

There. Isn’t that peaceful?


So – there you have it. I’ve sang La Bamba, drunk coffee, eaten cheesecake, planned a beer session and walked through the flowers in the sunshine. Today I’m feeling a lot more like myself. I guess it’s time to turn the electronics back on and get back to work!

I’ve missed you!

Lots of work to do!

Lots of work to do!

*Before turning off every item in the house, please ensure you inform at least one other person or put out a notification on facebook to reassure everyone who starts to worry that you have not liked or commented on anything in at least 15 minutes and calls out the search parties.**

**Although, that would be a faster way of getting people to physically come and find you, thereby giving you the opportunity to launch an impromptu party.




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Five ways to rid yourself of writer’s block — 4 Comments

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!! Ohmygosh that was so stinkin’ HILARIOUS!!!! Now I will have that song in my head! I get you- I have been at that point. Needing to withdraw and GET CRAP DONE and take a BREAK from the spiraling of buzzes and constant movement and dizzying madness that sucks the life out of our writing spirit.

    Good for YOU!

    I want strong and bold coffee (every single morning)that sunny walk (took one yesterday!) wine (sorry – hate beer) Cheesecake (Any time any flavor), SILENCE (always), and La BAMBA BABY!!!
    Chris Carter recently posted…She Doesn’t Remember…My Profile

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