Too much blogging can be bad for your health

I’ve been doing some thinking this weekend about what is important right now.

It seems that there is just so much going on, and I can’t quite keep up.

Have you ever just sat still for five minutes and thought about the things you do that you don’t need to, or are not adding value to your life, and the things you want to be doing but never seem to have time for?

It’s an interesting exercise.

So – here is my (non-exhaustive, subject to change on a whim) list in order of priority.


Things I am doing now.

The A-Z Challenge.

The Fabulous Blogging Social Media Bootcamp


Eating at my desk, and bemoaning the fact I am eating too much crap all the time.

Wasting time



Things I want to be doing right now.

Cooking healthy meals at night to eat with my kids.

Promoting my business and increasing the work I have coming in.


The Fabulous Blogging Social Media Bootcamp

My writing course.

The Free Journalism Course I signed up to and have not yet looked at, although it started last week.



My Conclusion?

I’ve gotten lost in the things that are not adding value to my life or my family and the important stuff has sunk right to the bottom.

I’m spending far too much time on my computer and seem to have forgotten that I have a husband and kids who are getting older right in front of my eyes – or would be, if my eyes were looking at them over the top of my screen.


Why have I just now sat down and thought about this?

To be honest it’s always there, in the back of my mind. Spend more time with the kids, my guilt complex shouts. Pay attention to your eating habits, my body screams. Concentrate on working, not blogging, my conscience bellows.

Thanks to the bad RSI in my arm I’ve had all month, I’ve had to really slow down anyway. And when I did, I noticed all the things I was missing out on.


My kids never bother asking me to play with them anymore, they just tell each other I’m working.

My husband is usually asleep before I even get to bed.

The 4 stone I lost 2 years ago is stampeding home.

I read more books this month that I have read all year – and that still wasn’t a lot.


Enough is enough.

It’s time to take a stand, grab the bull and yank the horns!


I won’t be blogging daily as part of the A-Z challenge. I might incorporate it every few days into a combined post, I haven’t decided yet. But that’s the easiest thing to strip out right away.Yes, lots of lovely new readers have been visiting and I really hope some or all of you come back again. But daily posting is just making me rush. Having said that, I really wanted to do the X, so I may pop back for that one.

Working hours: I am going to have to start being just a bit more controlled. No more playing on social media all day. From now on it’s office time at work and play time afterwards.

Evening meals in this house are going to change. There will be cooking of proper fresh food and there will be sitting together as a family.


I’m going to start there – and see how we go.


Talking of which – it’s Easter Monday morning, I can hear the kids stirring.

Gotta dash – it’s family time.






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Too much blogging can be bad for your health — 11 Comments

  1. I appreciate ur decision of spending QLTY time with family and having healthy meals and exercise. If I list down these r my priorities too but I wud suggest not to drop out in the last week of the challenge. Do combined letters and a picture post or something or other and finish the race for a sense of accomplishment
    anyway ball is in ur court
    Goood luck piper 🙂

  2. I am so relating to this. All of it. Blogging is a wonderful thing, but it is a time suck. It’s amazing how much time it requires. And my blog has been tanking of late due to all the time I’m putting in at Lefty Pop (thank you for stopping by and commenting, btw – much appreciated) and just plain old exhaustion. I have fallen way behind on my reading of other blogs and that is something I enjoy so much. Like you, I have finally taken the time to read books. I’ve read three whole books in the last two months. Hallelujah! lol I started a diet today too. I’ve spent too much time on my ass and not enough time exercising. I feel like everything has kind of gone south over the long winter and I need to do some horn yanking too. I guess we’ll be bull wrangling simultaneously. Here’s to making better use of our time and getting ourselves fit and fierce! 🙂
    Linda Roy recently posted…Book Cover Reveal: Whole Stole Meno Mama’s Spandex?My Profile

    • Well – I’m kinda glad it’s not just me that’s feeling it’s all a bit much right now. Day 1 of my diet and I have only eaten a ½ tonne of crap compared to yesterday. That’s an improvement right? 🙂 Yep – time to get off my ass too. Perhaps we need a group for exhausted bloggers.

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