When life gives you lemons …

Dear Sackgirl and Botboy, 

I’m going to borrow some words here from your daddy.

This was part of the speech he gave at our wedding, and a phrase I have never forgotten.

I’d now like to thank my parents. Thank you for being there when I needed supporting after my life’s stumbles and falls for which I will never be able to pay back, but only pay forward.

While you grow up, you are going to do some things that are just plain stupid, like driving the wrong way down a one way street while a pint or two over the limit.

There’ll be times when life seems to be going downhill. When you fall out with your housemates and end up homeless for a few weeks, perhaps, or your partner runs off with your best mate.

When you feel sick, and need chicken soup. When work and family take over and you just can’t fit in the housework. When your car breaks down and you need emergency funds for a new engine.

If life throws you lemons, we will be there to pick you up, laugh a little, maybe even tell you off – whatever happens though, we’ll help make the lemonade, because that’s what parents are for.

And then – it will be your turn.

Pay it forward.

love mum

PS. Steph (I think it was Steph) said

No matter how angry you/they are, your parents love you and it’s never too late to pick up the phone.

That’s true, too.


Your smidgen of sunscreen for today

Get to know your parents, you never know when they’ll be gone for good.



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