OMG – old age on the horizon!

In case you wondered why I am writing a whole month of letters to my darling, delightful children, it’s all part of the A-Z April challenge, of which you can find out more here.

Dear Sackgirl and Botboy, 

So, today we are talking about Old Age.

It’s all very subjective. Right now, you think we are old, and granny and grandad are just ancient.

I still feel like a twenty something, and am only just understanding that your granny still only feels like a 30 something in her own head. (Granddad was born old, and just gets older every year, but that’s ok, he’s happy).

You are very excited about having mobile phones and iPads and touch screens and cannot imagine how we used pen, paper, cassette tapes and CD’s. There is no way you could remember records, vinyl and the B-side – let’s face it, even I struggle with that (seriously, I do).

You won’t believe that before you were born we had actual lives – did you know that daddy and I went on safari, were charged at by an elephant, scuba dived, met African tribesmen, snorkelled in the Indian Ocean with wild dolphins, climbed Chichen Itza, swam with sharks, wandered Venice and went to boarding school. In fact, believe it or not, there was actually a time when we didn’t even know each other and had whole lives of our own.

I know – it’s hard to imagine us as children ourselves. I would like to point out that by the time I was a child the world was in colour and we did have inside toilets, but daddy definitely grew up in a world that was black and white. Go on, ask him about the day he went to get his colour eyes fitted!

Still, we are rushing towards old age – in your eyes. When you are teenagers we will be far too old to know anything or understand how you feel or appreciate what your life is like – because obviously being a teenager in the 2010 -20’s will be so much harder than the 1970-80’s. After all – the heartache will be so much more intense, the embarrassment will be so much more explicit and the pressure will be so much worse.

Yep – it’s hard for you to be a teen. And what about the whole ‘after school time’. I mean, how hard will it be for you to have to find work and juggle having a life, working all hours and maybe even having a family. We couldn’t possibly hope to understand what it’s like for you, right?

Then of course, there is the whole ‘choosing a career’ thing. What are you going to do with your future? This is a question people will start asking you now and carry on asking you till you hit 20 ish. By then, you will either be studying something significant at school or winging it with a general degree, travelling the world or flipping burgers at McD’s. At that point you will be referred to as ‘dedicated’ or ‘a waster’.

Yep – by 20 something your whole future will have be labelled. It’s true. But you know what – that doesn’t mean it’s fact.

At 20 something, I studied ‘a general degree’. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life.

I still don’t.

Daddy went through a whole degree in hospitality. After travelling, he decided he was better suited to construction.

He was right.

The fact is, the older you get the more you realise that no one really does know what is going on. Your parents didn’t know everything. They just did what they thought was right, at the time.

Your teachers did their job, your first boss followed orders from their boss . . .  in fact, no one has a frigging clue what they are doing. Seriously, every one is just winging it – making it up as they go along.

You might never have been a teen before, or a twenty something  – but you know what? I’ve never been 40 before. Or 50. And I cannot even imagine being 60 – now that is OLD!

Still – every experience is a new one, and your daddy and I, we do love to try new things. We will enjoy getting old, and watching you go through everything we did. And – if you ever think that we might be sniggering, just a little, behind our hands . . .  we are!

love mum


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