I just wanted to say one thing…

Dear Sackgirl 

Today I dropped you off at PGL – an adventure camp for kids. It’s the 1st time you’ve ever been away from home without me or another adult I know. I’m a little nervous, it’s true.

So, we agreed that you would take a mobile. You were so excited at having your very own phone and being able to call me. That’s what we said – you would call me after dinner so I could check you were ok.

It’s late now. I’m imaging you are asleep in bed, all cosy in your sleeping bag, with your teddy bear snuggled up to you, surrounded by new friends. Today you’ve been canoeing and trekking and experiencing great new adventures.

But you didn’t call.

I expect you had such a fantastic day and, on top of our early start to get you there, you just dropped right off. You are only almost 8, after all. You can’t remember everything.

I just wanted to let you know I love you.

Of course, this is not really advice. But sometimes, that’s all that needs to be said.

Love mum.


Your squidge of sunscreen for the day –

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  1. UGH! Those are the times when the the cellphones almost offer less comfort and more concern. Hope she got around to checking in after some rest.

    Oh and I so needed that squidge today!
    Andrea recently posted…M is for…My Profile

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