Some things are more Important that others

Dear Sackgirl and Botboy,

When your first crush ignores you, your first love dumps you and the group of your choice splits up, you’ll be gutted.

For a week.

When you dye your hair red, and it turns out pink . . .

When you get detention for something you didn’t deserve . . .

When you dent my car after taking it without asking . . .

These things will become stories we tell later on.

Spilt milk. Broken pictures. Late presents. Missed parties. Lost jobs. Forgotten dates. Broken hearts. Relationships. Family. Loss.

A lot of things that happen in our lives seem incredibly IMPORTANT.

Some of those things will be, some won’t.

You need to learn how to tell the difference.

 But don’t worry, we’ll do it together.

love Mum

Today’s advice was thanks to Cath.


Todays dose of sunscreen.

You’re not as fat as you imagine.

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