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Dear Sackgirl

Wow, you ask some tough questions. Not so long ago you asked me how God hung the sun in the sky. That was a good un’.

Last weekend you asked where God came from – as in, who were His parents.

I love that you are trying to work things out.

(I wasn’t quite so keen on the questions about teenage pregnancy. “How can they be a mummy if they aren’t grown up?” you asked. I guess we are getting near to the whole sex discussion – but if you could just stay my little baby for a year or two, pretty please.)

Sadly, this week you asked me why people have to die, and why does God take them away, and how did God make Jesus come alive again, and why doesn’t He do that for nana. I’m so sorry I can’t answer everything for you, baby, but I can hug you while we try to work it out together.

Your school told you God is there, so you take their word for it, and you’re trying to fit it in with what you know of the world. 

Right now you also believe in Father Christmas and the Tooth Fairy. Your first challenge will be when your peers tell you these no longer exist. It is, sadly, inevitable that you  will lose this innocent belief. Perhaps that loss is necessary, so that as you are older and are introduced to more notions, you have some experience in making a stand for your choice.

It does make me wonder though. If we tell our kids about about Father Christmas, the Tooth Fairy and God all at the same time, surely when we take two of those away they are really gonna get suspicious about the third!

Just a thought.

love mum.

Father Christmas, the Tooth Fairy and the Big G

Father Christmas, the Tooth Fairy and the Big G

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  1. My kids are 8 and almost 11… and they believe in the tooth fairy and Santa and all those little goofballs…

    And they believe in Christ.

    I tell them that the toothfairy and Santa are God’s angels… and in time, I will surely tell them the truth- as they seek to know, when someone pulls that rug out from under them. But right now, even the elf on the shelf is an angel sent from God to do His lovely work in providing loving notes of encouragement and gifts. I don’t think that is such a bad thing afterall…

    I know how tough this issue is- and I get the whole ‘misleading’ thing- but kids are imaginative and love love LOVE the beauty in fairies and figures that present themselves as loving and kind and generous. I’m cool with that.

    Until they know the truth- they will cherish those moments.

    And when they know the truth- they will be at an age (they are now) where they will completely differentiate the two.

    Let your sweet little one embrace it all…


    Beautiful post!!!
    Chris Carter recently posted…The Worst Vlog Ever and Some Sound Parenting AdviceMy Profile

    • You are right – it is also down to themselves as to what they choose to believe in, I won’t force them either way, I can only provide the information I have. I would never take away the magic of elves, fairies and dragons – they were the mainstay of my childhood and still the subject of much of my bookshelves.

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