E is for Live!

Dear Sackgirl and Botboy

Experience.  Experiment.  Examine.  Explore.  Enthuse.  Entertain.  Excel.  Energise.   Encourage.  Excite.  Enchant.  Entice.  Embrace.  Enjoy.




How many positive words being with E?

Do all these things! Not just once, but as often as possible!

Do this – right now.

Explore the world around you. You don’t even have to move far.

Go outside.

Sit down.

Take off your socks and shoes, close your eyes.

Can you feel the grass tickling your toes?

Is it damp, or dry?

Is the sun warming your face, or a breeze wafting your hair? Can you smell anything?


Feel your breath, moving in and out.

Experiment. Breath deeper. Hold your breath and count to 10. Let it out slowly.

Examine. Lie on your stomach and look closely at the ground. Are there bugs? Imagine being an ant, so small, yet filled with purpose.

Roll over and stare at the sky. Do you see the birds? What do you look like, to them?

It only takes a minute to find something new in your life.

The world is enormous, but our place in it becomes so small as we spend each day caught up in the trivia.

While you can, while  you are free from responsibility, obligation and cares, have fun.

Try new things, tastes, textures.

Stop looking at what you’ll be doing when you are older. Be, now!


Don’t rush life. Live it.

Love mum.

E is for live!

E is for live!

The Sunscreen Song says

Do one thing everyday that scares you 



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E is for Live! — 24 Comments

    • Why not? Rain can be a whole new feeling. One of my favourite memories was dancing around the garden in a thunderstorm – although I may have been slightly under the influence. Also, always remember as a kid swimming in an outdoor pool in the rain. Freezing, but unforgettable.

    • It’s meant for everyone who wants it really. Get out there and feel the grass under your toes 😉 I find listening to my breathing really useful sometimes as a way of centering myself.

  1. I love the drawing at the end! The ground is flooded, the grass is cold, the bugs are all hiding and the moon is behind a cloud. Tomorrow morning it should be a different story for ya though!

    I often rush my family through life. It all stems from being rushed in our cafeteria through grade school…I’m convinced of this!

    My pokey little puppy (my son) has much to teach me about slowing down and enjoying the moment..EVERY moment 🙂
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