Dance like no one is watching.

(I’m being super sneaky today because I think that today’s letter also fits in well (if squished, stretched and pinched) with the FTSF topic of the week!)

Dear Sackgirl and Botboy

D is for Dance like no one is watching, sing like no one is listening. 

Probably because they aren’t. Honestly, if you are anything like me – my singing clears the room which guarantees dancing as a solo sport.

Dance like there is no one watching.
Dance like there is no one watching.

When I was at university the girls I lived with liked to go clubbing. I never understood what the big deal was about clubbing so I hadn’t been before and I quickly learnt that deafening music, darkness and flashing lights and sweaty bodies wasn’t really my thing. Most of the time I used to stay by the bar and watch, by myself.

Looking back, that was just a bit lonely. And pointless. No one in a club would have been watching me – why would they? Everyone was far too busy being involved in themselves.

I never really danced until I had children. And then they weaned me away from this self-consciousness – this paranoia monster.

I realise now how much I restricted myself. How much I restrained any urges to shout and sing and laugh out loud? How often have we contained, subdued, muted, oppressed ourselves so as not to draw attention to ourselves?

(Note, I’m not saying you should sprint naked through a library hollering, dance on the table during parents evening or belly dance at a baptism (unless you’ve been asked to by the parents for some reason) – there’s a time and a place! But – if you are in the right time and the best place – go dance!)

Live in the moment, dance your heart out and sing out loud if you feel like it. You never know, it might be just what the person next to you needed to see to get them dancing and singing too.

love mum.

Thanks to Sharon for today’s advice.

A to Z April Challenge
A to Z April Challenge

As Mary said and Baz sang 

Dance even if you have nowhere to do it but in your own living room.


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Dance like no one is watching. — 56 Comments

  1. OMG I love this and so true. Totally agree with you, back then I wouldn’t dare do any dancing, I was too embarrassed and awkward. Now, I just don’t care, life is too exciting and fun, who wants to miss out? Now I would totally jump on the dance floor and shake my groove thang, LOLOLOLOL
    karen recently posted…I Don’t Get It????My Profile

    • I admit it usually still takes some form of drink to get me dancing, but no where near the amount it used to . . . or is that a self judgement on my alcohol tolerance now? 🙁 Ah well – practice makes perfect 😉

  2. I love dancing and singing, even though I’m not great at either one of them. And I will do either at any time. But I don’t understand clubbing at all. It is just not my scene.

    I have a friend who is a professional belly dancer, and now I need to ask her if she has ever been asked to belly dance at a baptism, or any other random function.
    Tracie recently posted…I Fed A Giraffe And I Have A Book Inside MeMy Profile

    • I do love singing. I randomly wander about breaking into tunes and humming. I am TONE DEAF. As in, could break windows.
      Now i want to know the answer too – let me know what your friend says.

  3. I never cared for clubs and I really don’t like to dance too much. Singing, on the other hand…I am a classic closet singer. Random songs will just pop into my head and I’ll start singing. It drives my wife batty sometimes because there’s no reason why some song from 35 years ago will suddenly spew from my mouth. My 5 year old is the same way. We rock car rides pretty hard!
    donofalltrades recently posted…Famous people opinions are also just like assholes…My Profile

    • Ha – I do that. When the kids make a comment, I find there is always a song that has that particular line or word in that just seems to fit . . . I’m sure it drives them barmy but it has taught them a lot of random junk music.

  4. I hate suppressing my emotions and dancing when I’m in public! It takes many drinks to get me out into a crowd busting out my O-So-White-Girl-Moves.

    But I still do it in my mirror at home…

    • *whispers* I have been known to consume enough alcohol to actually make myself think I’m not only good at dancing – I’m kinda sexy when I do it. I bet to the rest of the world it’s like watching a giant hippo on a vibrating exercise mat! Scary and somehow fascinatingly awful at the same time.

  5. I can only dance at the club when buzzed. I still get self-conscious. It’s gotten worse with age because my dance moves have morphed due to motherhood, and now I feel too old to be at the club. But I still go once in a while. It’s good to get out and let loose, if you actually let loose.
    Michelle recently posted…Spring Break Broke when I became a ParentMy Profile

  6. ARIGHT! Only *checks watch* a bajillion hours since I scored FRIST over here, and you deleted me *sigh*


    What I was saying was…I am a TOTAL loser at clubs and dancing and being cool. It just doesn’t happen. I dance like a brick with Tourettes (perhaps slightly less painful than your hippo on a vibrating exercise mat, though I know the feeling) but I LOVE dancing. Especially with Niece and Neff – there’s something permissive about dancing with kids – you don’t have to try to be busting moves or be in any way coy or sexy or slinky – just get MOVING to that music, and bop along to the rhythm.

    That’s my favourite, and what I can do.

    BUT. If you want to ‘see’ some INCREDIBLE dancing, hop on over to my Muse Mandi’s, where she’s written the most incredible dance scene…
    Considerer recently posted…A-Z April: Diary (7 Quick Takes (#69) by any other name)My Profile

  7. You are so right:) I started learning guitar recently.. Why? just because I wanted to and couldn’t. To heck with all those who think I am being a senile at this age.. 😀

    • What’s senile about learning guitar, that’s a great thing to do! I think the older we get the more we appreciate the chance to learn things! That’s why I’m learning about blogging after all.

  8. Piper, enjoy these days while your kids want you to dance with them± Mine are teenagers now and the moment I give a wiggle they tell me to stop. I’m embarrassing apparently, even in our own home, with nobody else watching! Oh, what fun it is to embarrass them every now and then!

    • Of course, parents are meant to embarrass the kids, right? That’s one of the bonuses. I’m kinda not looking forward to my kid sbing embarrassed by me – and also planning on how to maximise enjoyment from it!

  9. I am chuckling because my children had me dancing around the family room with them as well when they were small…now at teens, they’d like me to dial it back a little…ok, A LOT!
    Andrea recently posted…D is for…My Profile

  10. I love love this advice and can completely relate to being the shy person in high school (college was another matter but whatever) who never wanted to draw attention to myself and now? I totally will (well ok maybe…I want to anyway) think that I’d dance with my son at a playground were he willing.
    Kristi Campbell recently posted…What’s the big deal about autism?My Profile

  11. I hear ya! I was never much of a clubber or liked going dancing. I was a very young person in college (I started college when I was just 16 years old and graduated before I turned 20, so I was too young to join in). Then my kids were born. I dance WAY more now (especially when they were little) than I did as a young adult clubbing. I’ve given up on lookign foolish and embrace that, yes, I WILL look foolish. That foolishness is their delight (somehow). Keep on dancing sista! (Visiting from FTSF)
    Kerith Stull recently posted…Becoming a Special Needs Empty NesterMy Profile

  12. When I see people dancing, the ones who dance with no inhibitions are the ones who look like they are having the most fun. I love to dance, and I’m always the last one on the dance floor. I’ve only been dragged off once 🙂
    Dana recently posted…New Orleans by the numbersMy Profile

  13. When I was younger, I danced all the time. My ex hated to dance and, though I begged him, he would never go dancing with me. Now that I’m single again, I’m working up the nerve to go dancing again — by myself if necessary.
    Jana recently posted…The Plane TruthMy Profile

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