Be Yourself!

Even at the tender age of 7 my little girl has already worked out a piece of wisdom that has taken me much much longer – although in some ways I do disagree with her. But then, I’m contrary like that!

Blogging A-Z April Challenge - B

Blogging A-Z April Challenge – B

Dear Sackgirl,

Do you remember last month, when all the girls at school were doing the BFF dance – that is, picking and choosing who was their best buddy (although at 7 years old, forever apparently lasts 24 hours).

You didn’t pick one, and as a consequence you were left out. You told me, while we had a cuddle to discuss the vagaries of girls, that you didn’t want to pick one friend.

I want to be friends with everyone, mummy.

You are absolutely right, and I am so proud of you, for being able to decide for yourself that you could be friends with everyone and not follow the crowd.

B is for Be yourself!

It’s not always easy to stand up to peer pressure, or to take the hard route. Especially when going your own way means you get singled out and persecuted.

If the decision you make results in you feeling bad, inside, sorta sick and guilty and nasty – it was the wrong one. But if it’s the right one you will feel good, and calm, and clean – and that’s the best you can do.

5 floppy hats

B could be for Battle the Bullies!

You are already judging character for yourself. You told me, just the other day, that you didn’t want to be BFF’s with P, because

She isn’t right for me, mummy. She is too . . .  bossy.

You didn’t know how to explain it, but what you meant was that she tries to make you do what she wants – and what she wants is normally wrong or naughty. Good for you, for standing up for yourself.

But don’t dismiss Best Friends.  The issue isn’t having a best bud – it’s thinking you can only have one. Some of your buds are for shopping with, some are for dissecting the deepest, darkest thoughts in your head, some are for fun – you can have lots of best friends, honey.

Just Be Yourself, and they will find you.

love Mum. 

A Bit of Sunscreen

Baz didn’t choose Be Yourself for B – he went for Body!

As sang by Baz Luhrmann –

Enjoy your body, use it every way you can don’t be afraid of it, or what other people

think of it, it’s the greatest instrument you’ll ever own.

Disclaimer: I do know that Baz didn’t actually write the words – he just put them to music. The words were written by Mary Schmich as a potential commencement speech and published in the Chicago Tribune in 1997. Baz took the words and probably made a lot more money from them than she did. 

What does this tell you? That behind every successful man was a women doing the thinking!

Come back tomorrow for C!

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Be Yourself! — 34 Comments

    • She is a funny girl. She knows what she doesn’t want to do, but if she isn’t really bothered she will follow whatever the others do. I guess that’s still good, she only rocks the boat when she needs to.

  1. You know it might sound hard to believe but I never was affected by peer pressure..I never really cared … But my sister is always there right at the center of all the pressure and I keep hyper ventilating worrying about her!
    nabanita recently posted…B is for feeling BlessedMy Profile

    • I never really noticed the peer pressure, I wasn’t ‘in’ with the group and did my own thing, but at the same time I guess I would have liked to be ‘in’ a little. Just a little. Until it all got too irritating. Oh – maybe that’s why I wasn’t ‘in’.
      I guess you can’t worry about her too much – she has to be herself too.

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