A-Z April Challenge? You have to be kidding me!

I’ve only gone and done it.

With post after post after status update after G+ comment, going on and on about how I am so darn busy and how I barely have time to blog anymore. . .

And how I want to do the FTSF blog hop and the TTOT weekend hop and all the other fabulous hops, but I just never get the chance to sit down and write. . .

And I want to get my GOYBADS done for the month (I think I’m somewhere in February with that one still), post more cheesecake trials and review more books, but . . .

I’ve only gone and signed up to the A – Z April challenge. You know. The one where you blog every single day of April – well, except Sundays. 26 posts. Regularly.Β Β Daily, in fact.

(Honestly. I did! You can check it out. I am number 1124.)

Laugh? I almost cried!


What on earth was I thinking?

Was I thinking?

Who knows? But there it is. I signed up. I even started planning out a theme.

I started organising myself. In advance.

Not that it makes a difference, because I know I’ll end up blogging before bed every night.

So – do you want to know my theme?

Go on, ask nicely and I’ll tell you. Actually – I’ll tell you anyway.

My theme is Β . . .




What? I am going to find something to write about every single day, using each letter of the alphabet to start me off, and I’m writing about SUNSCREEN?

Am I mad?

Yes – and no.

You see – and here is a massive clue – it’s not just sunscreen. But it is based on this song, which has, for various reasons, a somewhat emotional effect on Mr G – and that’s why we chose it.

Thank you to Baz Luhrmann – Everybody’s free to wear sunscreen.

So – see you on the 1st April – ironically – to talk about sunscreen. Okay? See you then!

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A-Z April Challenge? You have to be kidding me! — 57 Comments

  1. Too funny. What were any of us thinking?!?!? I’ve been blogging for exactly 2 months and signed up for – ackkkk- the Challenge. When I’m outside wringing my hair and yelling at the sky, I’ll need your sunscreen!! See you in April.

    Sammy at htt://bemuzin.com

    • I know. Mental. As if I have time for this as well . . and reading everyone else’s, or at least some of the other blogs, while keeping up to date with life. I might have to book April off.

  2. Wow! First of all, I was SHOCKED to see so many signed up for the early reveal. I’m cherry-picking ten of them to comment on. πŸ˜‰ Interesting theme…I’ll be watching and waiting.

  3. I just had my first ever body scan at the dermatologist. Kind of amazing the spots they circle that you either can’t see to begin with or didn’t think they looked so interesting. I have to say that bring my first time here, I just kept thinking of different cheesecakes flavors for different letters as I started reading!

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