Who knows what’s on my mind today?

I wanted to write today, but I didn’t know what I wanted to write about.

It’s been a weird day of feeling superhuman this morning that turned into lethargy by lunchtime and now, mid-afternoon, a kind of somber somnolence.

I started on a new diet on Monday. This is Day 3 – no doubt my body is now in shock and shouting out for chocolate and sugar. The sudden cessation of chocolate induced endorphins has caused vital parts of my brain to bang down emergency shutters.

I also went jogging yesterday with GMB. Back when I was in school I hated running. I was forced into doing cross country and usually walked along at the back. Since leaving school, I haven’t run a foot more than I had to. So voluntarily trying to jog, for the first time in over 22 years, deserves some sort of recognition, I think.

Today I am celebrating with aching gluteus maximus and what appears to be a totally crippled back. Why does jogging, which surely involves legs, make my arse hurt?

Despite the pain, I did wake up feeling virtuous. I went out with the Morning Dog Walk Crew and a few guest beagles and recognised that Bagel is suffering from an identity crisis. Two years in the company of spaniels and labradors and she totally showed me up, acting in a  well behaved dog kind of way and nothing like a demented beagle – which is to say, she didn’t bugger off into the distance for 15 minutes every 200 yards.

The Morning Dog Walk - 7 women, 14 dogs and a lot of conversation

The Morning Dog Walk – 7 women, 14 dogs and a lot of conversation

Then I settled down to work.

4 hours later, I can honestly say that so far today I have managed all of 15 minutes of real, head down, desk clearing productivity. But shh, don’t tell anyone.

I did have a browse through some fabulous blogs though. Over at Considerings Lizzie was speculating on soulmates and the care of our elderly – in a totally non-connected kind of way. Which led me over to her guest post at Finding Ninee and how we in the modern world shunt our elderly into care homes – many of which are undoubtedly horrible places to end your days.

At the moment, mention of the elderly and of death still reminds me of our loss last year of my mother-in-law, and that’s not a place I need to be right now. So on I rambled, to see what’s been happening over at Maddies place, Breezy Books. Maddie writes engaging and laughter filled murder mysteries so it’s always interesting to see what’s happening on her blog.

Talking of brilliant writers, I decided I should stop in Queensland to check on how Dianne is getting on with the RUC. I don’t know about you, but I find mooching about other people’s houses and poking into their decor quite fascinating – although I try to only do it when invited, ever since that incident! I’d tell you more, but I’m legally banned from mentioning it.

Luckily, all this browsing has been helping raise me out of the doldrums of diet despair – that and Ned’s updates live from the Oscars. OK – it’s not so live now – but still made me chuckle!

But then I had a real laugh – and a bit of a grouch – when I popped over to Bitch and Whine to discover that now, in the US, you are at risk of being sued by your kids for being a parent. Wow!

Finally I stumbled onto the Mailbox Journey, only to find there is wedding planning happening here.

And you know what – I just remembered what it was I was going to write about . . .






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Who knows what’s on my mind today? — 10 Comments

    • Don’t talk with your mouth full! While you suck down that delicious pile of fat waiting to land on your hips, I’ll be off to enjoy my ever-so-tasty cottage cheese while trying not to look at it cos it remind me of baby vomit.
      *walks off muttering*

  1. I find gardening makes me realise how many muscle I have in my arse, Piper (so I try and avoid it at all costs) 😉

    Thank you so much for the ping back – what a lovely surprise to wake up to this morning 😀 I’m intrigued about ‘the incident’ – yikes I hope it’s not serious 😯
    Dianne recently posted…It’s ‘Read an e-Book’ weekMy Profile

    • I like ‘bugger’. It’s great. And ‘pants’ and ‘arse’.
      Funny how so many of these words are orientated towards the rear in some way.

      Nope – not your fault. It’s an ever present thought at the moment – the absence of the thought makes it more noticeable. Time mends. Or does it dull?
      Piper George recently posted…A major incident of love. My Profile

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