TTOT – 10 Awesome Things

1. My beautiful beagle, Bagel, has just gone through her 2nd season. Here she is, feeling just a bit hormonal and fed up.

I believe that we girls know how she feels – but you know what’s worse for her. Dogs can’t eat chocolate.

So, let’s be thankful that we can! Chocolate is awesome.

3 hormones

2. No matter how hard you try to resist, in the end we all succumb to a good tickle!

Because every reason to smile is one to grab!

1 tickles

3. You know what else is fabulous. Being able to spend time with our friends – especially the ones with 4 paws.

2 Beag

4. Playtime – that’s pretty awesome too.

4 playtime

5. And floppy hats!

5 floppy hats

6. Ice cream! Need I say more?

6 ice cream

7. Blue skies. And the Morning Dog Walk Crew. (Thats a twofer)

8 blue sky

8. Family bike rides. In the sun. But with extra puddles to splash through, because that Β makes an awesome day out even more fabulous. (You notice I had to keep shooting off ahead to get the pictures. That means more peddling power for me – and extra tired legs. Plus, don’t forget the 3 stone 4 year old on the back of my bike. All so I could get this photo for you! Dedication, that’s what I call it!)

9 family days out

9. OK – this is not really awesome or fabulous, and I’m not overly thankful, but just check out the size of the box Amazon use to send such a small item. A box that will now go in the bin. Outstanding effort at total waste!

I’m pretty thankful I don’t work for Amazon!

7 amazon

10 – You’ve all seen the pictures of scantily clad women draped over car bonnets in order to make the car seem better somehow.

Well – here’s my version. Sexy beast on a Cupcake.

10 sexy

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TTOT – 10 Awesome Things — 15 Comments

  1. Oh, how I love Bagel! Beagles are such sweet dogs! Except the puppy howling….I’ve had my share beagles and I loved them all. But that howling!
    Thanks so much for peddling ahead to take some great photos. I love a good visual post and you produced a masterpiece here.
    Do you have corrugated recycling there? We own a box plant and all of the corrugated is recycled. Just a thought πŸ™‚ (Corrugated is cardboard…I’m just not supposed to call it that…the powers the be, aka my husband, prefer the word corrugated :))
    Sandy Ramsey recently posted…Life Lessons by Dr Seuss: Ten Things of ThankfulMy Profile

    • The boxes all go in the main recycling bin, so it will be recycled, but I find it frustrating. I ream of paper was packed in the box to stop it rattling – such a waste.
      Why can’t you call cardboard cardboard? Corrugated is a metal stuff you make sheds from!
      Thank you for appreciating my peddling – it was hard work!

  2. BWAHAHAHH! The last pic is EPIC πŸ˜€ Love it. And the floppy hat pic. I do like a good ‘hat pic’

    Glad you had such beautiful weather, even if it was a bit puddley! Good for you for getting out there and making the most of it. I got my 5 hours of gardening done, so I was a happy little bee at this end of the country, too πŸ™‚
    Lizzi R recently posted…Ten Things of Thankful #36My Profile

      • Yes, because we’re doing heavy landscaping. I made a new flowerbed, we moved turfs. We finished a patio area and planted some trees into a naked new bed. This weekend we’ll geranium and lavender it up. And hope that my Daphne will take (it had a pitifully small root-ball and I think we got swizzed when we bought it).

        From then on, it’ll be weekly weeding. No joy there. No accomplishment, just backbreaking toil for it all to look the same but with less bindweed and japanese knotgrass…
        Lizzi R recently posted…I’m getting greedyMy Profile

        • Wow – that’s some heavy gardening. I remember feeling enthusiastic about it once. I made hubby build me a raised bed and go fetch me some horse manure from a farmer up the road . . . Then I learnt how horses eat grass so horse manure produces a lot of grass. Weeding never ending, I gave up and the caterpillars feasted on my broccoli.
          Piper George recently posted…Why are children’s toys so irritating?My Profile

    • FROZEN CUSTARD? What? Places sell cold custard? Custard should be hot. (Wondering if this is a translation thing?)
      Pupcones though – that sounds like a great idea? Are they sweet, or do they do frozen beef and liver?

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