FTSF – Blogging Goals, Secret Monks and Chicken Poo.

I don’t usually respond well to nagging. It makes me feel kinda bullish. Kinda stubborn and pig headed. A little bit mulish. P’raps even dogged.

You know, thinking it about it there’s a lot of animal related synonyms for stubborn.

Just this once though, I decided to concede to the nagging on the basis that I really did want to join in with theย Finish The Sentence Friday blog hop. So here I am.

So – where to start?

It’s ok – with the FTSF hop, I get a start point. Here we go . . .

My blogging goals this year are . . .

Crap! You mean I need goals.

Let’s see. Synonyms for goals –

Ambition. Objective. Target. Destination. Design. Mission.

I’ve never been particularly ambitious. I mean, back when I worked full time I just wanted to be good at a job I loved, have fun and earn enough to enjoy life.

Then, when I had kids, my objective was to be a good mum while still managing to work enough to have fun and earn enough to enjoy life.

Once I became self-employed, my target was to become a paid writer. With no idea of my destination, I began to blog. For practice, for release of pent up thoughts and emotions, for diversion. Somehow, although I had no design, my witterings became a generalised blog about life and kids, with the occasional review thrown in.

I don’t have a mission.

I’m not trying to raise awareness for a nefarious organisation that needs exposing for their cruel and unnatural practices towards cockatoos.

I don’t feel strongly about educating others about the amazing properties of chicken poo as an exfoliant.

Nor do I want to encourage others in following my belief that bathing naked in a vat of ย red Chilean wine on the front porch, while sipping champagne and eating Wispa bars, every waning gibbous of the moon, is a secret and potent form of weight loss known only to a sect of one legged ninja monks who reside in a sandstone monastery located deep in a secluded valley surrounded by lakes of red fire-spitting frogs.

So, I guess my blogging goals are pretty non-existent.

I probably will get around to redesigning my blog a bit – if I can ever get the picture I want. I might even post as much as once a week – if I have anything to say. I may even, if I really push it, find a little direction for all my ramblings.

So long as it stays fun, that is.


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FTSF – Blogging Goals, Secret Monks and Chicken Poo. — 12 Comments

  1. *falls off the sofa laughing hysterically at the imagery of your weightloss regime*

    MAN! I love it here ๐Ÿ˜€

    Definitely don’t give up the fun.

    (and you forgot ‘cantankerous’. I know that’s not a synonynonym for ‘stubborn’ but it certainly came across after the nagging…)

  2. I have goals (ones that I haven’t published yet…oops) but
    I don’t know…I kind of like my fly by the seat of my pants way of
    doing things. Sure I’m not overly successful or popular but it’s
    one of those quirks that make me…well, me. Like you I don’t have
    a mission other than to write my thoughts and have a diversion from
    daily doldrums. There might be something to be said for those
    cockatoos though. They do need our help. Haha. Thanks for the laugh

    • I agree – be yourself, which is much more fun. Don’t worry about the cockatoos, it’s the penguins who really need us!

  3. You don’t want to help the cockatoos? HA! I’m so signing up for your weight-loss program. Like so totally. Those ninja monks are greedy with this knowledge!! Also, I have no blogging goals either. Yay ๐Ÿ™‚
    So happy that you linked up with us!

    • Why help the cockatoos when there’s so many other animals/birds/insects to help. Who helps the earthworms, that’s what I want to know!?

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