The GOYBADs Return

This time last year I decided that joining the Resolution game was destined to failure – I can make all the self-promises I want and they are forgotten within a week. Or a day. Maybe an hour, depending on what temptation I see!

Instead I created the GOYBADS – the Get Off Your Backside And Do Something list. Every month I set myself a target to get a job completed.

So, let’s recap how that went.

In January last year I decided to sort out photos from our wedding, finish the album and do some coursework. I did most of it within 2 weeks, feeling properly motivated.

In February I thought I’d eBay some of the clutter and sort all the little family movies into one long film. I started the film, discovered that we take a lot of short clips on various devices, cameras, phones etc and concluded that might be a long term project.

Probably one to resurrect this year!

By July I had managed to complete . . . well, Januarys aims.

But, we do not admit defeat – right!

It’s time to resurrect the GOYBADS list for 2014. I can’t put it in the calendar yet – I only got around to ordering one yesterday, but I will program some reminders into the phone. This years GOYBADS for January is –

*drum roll please*

1. I start my diet on the 6th. I will stick to it for 1 week. Then, if I can do one week, I’ll reset my target for 2. And so on. This includes no alcohol. At all! (stop laughing!)

2. I will use my slow cooker twice a week in January.

3. Get the house paperwork up to date (i’m kinda cheating here, since I already half started today . . .)

OK – it’s not big, it’s not amazing. I won’t be changing the world, but I might change some of my own bad habits, one at a time. And honestly, that’s all I can ask for right now!


Now – who is up for it? Who amongst you will join me in making a GOYBAD list for January? (I’m open to suggestions for renaming it!)

Or – have you got more resolve than me? Have you made a proper New Year Resolution that you are gonna stick to? Tell me all about it – I’ll be watching to see how you get on.


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The GOYBADs Return — 8 Comments

    • Perhaps you need to get off your arse – to fluff your cushion occasionally – otherwise you will get arse-ache!

      You must have something you need to do this month. What about cleaning the cooker, or making the beds.

  1. I’m a GOYBADder from way back. 🙂 I don’t know what I want to do for January. I am definitely back on the healthy eating train come the 6th. Some of my lost weight was found over the holidays, but I really like the new way of eating and think I will be able to get back on board without too much difficulty. I really should clean my house. Really – it needs a normal cleaning. I’ve spent so much time writing and editing, everything is out of control! So, I’ll run my vacuum cleaner for sure – if I can find it.

    • Yay Maddie! I do believe it was you who voted for the name, way back! I think that’s a great list for Jan – vacuuming and eating! lol

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