TTOT- The Christmas Edition

OK – I’ve got this cheating lark down now. The Ten Things Of Thankful blog hop is a weekly event, but because I’m special (lazy) I’m going for monthly!

I’ve had one of the best weeks ever, cos my dream has kinda come true. But it’s also been a heck of a crap one, so here goes.

In my alter-ego as hardworking sensible freelancer, I went along to a networking session for National Freelancers Day, where a lady I knew introduced me to a lady I didn’t, who knew another lady who needed a writer for her PR company. You see, it’s all about who you know, not how darn hard you work!

The PR lady called me, I eagerly  jumped at the chance of an interview and got all gussied up ready. Darn me if ridiculously strong winds didn’t decide that moment to sweep the country and knock a tree down right outside my driveway. So there I was, all prepared to wow when fate, nature, the gods, call it what you will, chose that moment to trap me in my house for 2 hours so I missed my date with my future.

Did you hearts just sink for me? I know! Gutted.

This great big tree came tumbling down

This great big tree came tumbling down

Right across the country lane.

Right across the country lane.

But it’s ok, because I went in a few days later instead. I met some lovely ladies, got offered some work and set off home with some writing  to do. Then, I kid you not, I ran inside, hugged my puppy and jumped up and down a little on the spot. Wheeeeeeee. Got me a step into my dream job – call me Piper, the copywriter!

Meanwhile over the weekend my little whirlwind of perpetual motion, Botboy was struck down with fevers and general feelings of grottiness. Poor little man needed plenty of cuddles, which of course I gave him. He perked up in time for pre-school, but by Wednesday he was covered, waist down, in spots.

Not your usual spots, oh no. Because in this family we don’t do simple things like chicken pox or your standard unexplained, non serious response to a fever that kids pop out to scare us parents. Nope – this was the full on scary looking rash that started on his butt and spread all down his legs, but didn’t go up above his waist.

We went to the GP, who diagnosed Henoch-Schonlein purpura (HSP). Off we went to the hospital to get urine samples checked. Do you know how hard it is to get a 4 year old to pee in a sample pot?

Now, call me a bad mother, but the GP had explained to me that so long as his urine samples were ok, this was not serious. The 1st person at the hospital told me his urine sample checked out and this was not serious. All I had to do was wait it out. But they wanted ‘someone else’ to take a look anyway. After 3 hours of waiting with an increasingly frustrated Botboy and nothing happening, I walked out. I know, a good mother would have stayed all night. But seriously – 3 hours and no one came to see us. I told them to call me.

Twenty minutes after I left, the ‘someone else’ rang to say they wanted to do blood tests – so back I went the next day for another 2 hours, until they finally took some blood.

Anyway, despite his spots, swelling joints, occasional stomach pains and the odd vomit, Botboy is fine. Jumping about as normal and full of giggles. So I didn’t feel too guilty (well, I did a bit) when I snuck off on Friday for the annual Christmas party of one of my clients, leaving my mother in charge of cuddles for the evening.

So – what am I thankful for this week . . .

1. That my beautiful children are healthy and happy, if slightly spotty.

2. That Botboy is a super brave lil dude who let them stick needles in his hand and take his blood without it becoming a horror scene of heartfelt screaming and guilt ridden parenting.

3. That despite them being violently red and everywhere, the HSP spots do not itch!

4. Lovely ladies who, having established their own businesses, are happy to help other people get started. Networking works!

5. Getting a start in my dream job! Woohoo – still excited.

6. Understanding new clients who give me a job on Monday and then accept that I won’t be working for the next 3 days due to a sick child. Being freelance has it’s advantages in this ‘working parent’ world.

7. The power of the internet that allows me to catch up and gossip with my GMB, despite her being away for 6 weeks on the other side of the world. So I can still say g’morning, even though she is off to bed now.

8. My mum – and mums everywhere – because mums are the best. We need them so much, for cuddles when we are sick, for taking over the housework, cooking and cleaning when we are swamped – and for driving for 3 hours to babysit so we can shoot off for a night away.

9. Lovely internet pals who nominate me for awards. Seriously you guys, I know there are a few to catch up with, but see above for my excuses!

10. Sunday mornings – waking up with no alarm, no rush to be somewhere, do something . . . chilling with my family and PJ days!

I am declaring today a PJ day! You can join in too, if you like.

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TTOT- The Christmas Edition — 6 Comments

  1. Congratulations on your job!

    It’s scary when children get sick; I’m glad the doctor was able to diagnose your son. Hope he’s feeling better soon! (Your son–I assume the doctor is OK.)

  2. Piper, Piper, Copywriter. I like that. It has a good ring to it.

    Glad you made it in the end, in spite of Tree.

    And glad that the spots aren’t more heinous, and that li’l man’s getting over the illness 😀

    Happy holidays – I’ll be in space if you need me.

    • I like the sound of that too!
      Spots are continuing, but we will persevere!
      Have a good Xmas, if I don’t find a second to come by with jolly wishes between now and then! 🙂

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