Christmas traditions start with cake

It’s the start of the festive season. I’ve already decorated one cake ready for Sackgirl’s school Christmas fair (obviously held in November) from a design I found online.

From this . . . to this.

From this . . . to this.

If it wasn’t for the adverts on TV, or the decorations that are up around towns, or the seasonal goods already on sale . . .  all of these things that started a good few weeks ago . . . I would have known it was the season thanks to the constant reminders from Sackgirl and Botboy that it’s time to get out the advent calendar.

We have a couple of Christmas traditions in our house. In fact, we get more every year.

One of my favourites is getting out the advent calendar on the 30th November. The kids see it set up on the mantle, and instantly start bargaining and debating whose turn it is to open the first door.

Ours is a lovely wooden calendar I bought when Sackgirl was born. Inside each door is a little wooden toy that is hung on the picture – culminating in a star that takes centre place on Christmas Eve.


Our wooden advent calendar.

Our wooden advent calendar.


The second tradition is to write letters to Father Christmas. On a cosy Sunday we settle down in front of the fireplace and write out a list of whatever the kids think they need most for Christmas.

Then we throw the magic dust (personally delivered to me by the big man himself of course) onto the fire. Once the flames turn blue, we know the magic is ready. The letters go on the fire, the magic takes the words from the paper and their message is sent off all the way to the North Pole.

It’s not as fast as email, of course. We know the letter has got there once the flames go back to their normal colour – which takes a good hour or more. It sure does keep the kids busy, checking the fire and providing me with progress updates every 2 minutes.

Yep – now the letters have gone, I know I really had better get cracking with that shopping!


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Christmas traditions start with cake — 2 Comments

  1. What a lovely tradition. Was this an original idea of yours? It’s very fun and creative. I love advent calendars, too, and couldn’t imagine not having one when our kid was little.

    Oh … and nice job on the cake!! 🙂

    • You mean the letter to Santa? Yep, I had some magic dust for the fire so we put it to use the one year, and now obviously have to do it every year. Took me ages to find more magic dust! I bought enough to last till they are teenagers though, just in case.

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