TTOT – The November edition.

It’s been a very long and busy few weeks, which is normal in the lead up to Christmas I suppose. Except I haven’t even started on the Christmas stuff that needs doing around here. No shopping, no cards, not even a letter to Santa written and posted yet!

I started writing this post two weekends ago. Yes, two. But everything went a little haywire. Manic.

So, let’s see.

Two weekends ago –
I’m currently sitting in the bar of a hotel in Nottingham, waiting for my friend to arrive so we can celebrate her hen night. There are so many things to be thankful for right here.

1. Fabulous friends!

I have a couple of pals who are amazing. There is of course my Great Mate B(who shall henceforth be known as GMB) without who I would never have survived school. There are the lovely ladies with whom I shared the joys and horrors of pregnancy, stretch marks, childbirth and months of vomit and now share horror stories of ‘what my 7 year old did next’. There are others of course.

But today, the important one is the lovely, stylish and go-getting Jules. It is her hen night after all. Jules is the lady with whom I passed my trials of first grown up job, first time managing people, first time hating (and being hated by) people I manage and first toe in the corporate world.

Together we discovered that we make a great team. So, tonight I am thankful for knowing wonderful and supportive people, with whom my life is made more interesting and easier.

Presents for the perfect wife to be - 1950's style

Presents for the perfect wife to be – 1950’s style

2. Time out!

Beautiful silence. Being old enough to sit in a bar alone without feeling self conscious, vulnerable or predatory. Able to appreciate the calm in spending an hour just people watching and enjoying my own company. One hour of time out from daily life.

3. Great news!

Sharing in some one else’s great news and joy and loving it more because of how much you want them to be happy.

One weekend ago!

After a week of work, work, work and stress and worry, last weekend was again a maelstrom of activity.

4. New experiences.

GMB and I went to a networking morning with other freelancers. It was slightly over whelming, slightly daunting, slightly entertaining and massively good experience as I try to launch the new side of me – professional wordsmith.

I met some interesting people and I met some useful people. I also lined up an interview for potential work. So I am thankful for the opportunity to grab new experiences.

5. Alcohol.

Early Christmas for GMB! From here on in it just gets messy.

Early Christmas for GMB! From here on in it just gets messy.

GMB is jetting off for 6 weeks. So of course we had to have a party. T’was a marvellous evening of conversation, polystyrene snow and music culminating in a water fight. Which leads me to …

6. My tolerant husband

Who tidied up the mess from the water fight I may or may not have instigated, and …

7. Paracetamol, Berocca, Coffee, Coke and Greasy Food

Without which I may never have made the 230 mile round trip to attend my niece’s birthday party the next day, even if we were slightly (90 minutes) late due to needing extra recuperation time in the morning.

The perfect hangover meal.

The perfect hangover meal.

8. Doctor Who

Last weekend it was the Day of the Doctor. After we got back from my niece’s party we had family snuggle time on the sofa to watch the special 50th anniversary episode with the kids. At various times both Botboy and Sackgirl disappeared under the blanket – just as we did 30 odd years ago when we hid behind the sofa watching the Doctor of our time.

9. Big Beds

Of course, the downside of watching Doctor Who before bedtime and after a long weekend did mean we ended up with extra bodies sleeping in our bed. Thank goodness it’s a wide one!

This weekend

10. Work

I’ve been ploughing away all week. I’ve been tappity tapping all month. I am so tired of working weeks, evenings and weekends to try to get it all done. Of feeling guilty because I don’t do enough with the kids. Of being tired and grumpy. But . . .

I am thankful I have work. I am thankful I have the ability to do something for myself, which gives me self-worth, confidence, enjoyment (sometimes) and a purpose. I am thankful that I have an income coming in, that my family are fed and warm and looking forward to getting spoilt this Christmas, in part because of my labours as well as mostly through my husbands.





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    • We don’t do thanksgiving here in the UK, but I did have a lovely weekend filled with . . . well, with work. And a bit of Top Gun. Thanks for stopping by.

  1. Absolutely gorgeous stuff, Piper. So glad you linked up with us. The pic of your Christmas is HIGH.LARIOUS! Your poor husband tidying up as you prepared to battle the morning after the night before 😀 Still, t’is the stuff of life, and well worth living.

    Is that one of those Talia measures I see in the first pic? I hope you also printed her out a copy of the Good Wife’s Guide –

    • I think it was a Talia measure – plus pinny, oven gloves, wooden spoon and icing set. Now she just has to work out how to turn the oven on!

  2. really enjoyed your Post! (as you must know), deviation from the standard format is part of the fun, witness our Listress Ms. Lizzzi and her 10 items using the ‘math of sheep’ (yesterday’s Post).
    sounds like (several) interesting weekends!

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