Blown Away

I’ve been blown away today, in various ways.

Firstly, we set off on our Morning Dog Walk in the blustery winds and drenching rain! You may not be able to tell from the photos, but thanks to the severe downpour we came home soaked to the skin.

Autumn is here!

Autumn is here!

Still, the dogs had a wonderful time splashing through the puddles and chasing leaves. Bagel was kept busy sniffing the hedgerows and chasing wet, cross squirrels up trees.

Our daily pack varies from the steadfast four to upwards of 14 dogs at a time. However on a day like today it was just three walkers and seven dogs.

Blown away by the wind and rain.

Blown away by the wind and rain.

We walk every weekday, in sun, snow or hurricane. However, despite the usual goodnatured mocking we give the fair weather walkers, I do sometimes wonder which of us are really the silly ones here.

A much reduced walking pack today! No fair weather walkers to be seen.

A much reduced walking pack today! No fair weather walkers to be seen.

After such a damp start to the morning, I finally got home to a lovely cup of hot coffee while Bagel got into prime position to dry off!

Time to curl up in front of the fire and dry off!

Time to curl up in front of the fire and dry off!

Secondly, I’ve been blown away by the number of entries into my 1st ever giveaway of a unique Personal Planner. 

I’ll be drawing the winner shortly, but thank you to everyone who entered. It’s been a great experience!



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Blown Away — 14 Comments

    • Thanks. I love having the fire lit. She is still snoozing away, although by now she must have passed drying and started cooking

    • It’s amazing isn’t it. Somewhere in the country they were complaining about snow – here we had sun, rain, wind and everything but snow.

  1. What lovely pictures. I have become much more of a fair weather walker as my children have got older – it was much easier when they were tiny to bundle them in the pram & walk the dog while they slept!

  2. I love the picture of you dog by the fire, looks very cosy.I am just about to walk for my son from school on a long walk and it is freezing.It is always nice to come back and get cosy and warm.

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