The music of the hounds

Dear Random Stranger,

I hear that you stopped by to ask my neighbour if we abused our dog because she howls a lot.

1. Our dog is a beagle. She’s meant to howl. It’s called the music of the hounds. It’s continuous and fabulous, except when it’s indoors. Then it’s just ear crackingly loud.

2. If, as you said, you used to own a beagle too and yours never howled, I wonder what the hell you did to that poor animal to make her afraid to sing!

3. Yes, she is outside a lot. She has a huge space full of exciting animal smells to explore. Our garden is full of moles, foxes, chickens, rabbits and the odd pheasant. Of course she wants to be outside. And yes,  she comes inside too.

4. If you kept your beagle inside all the time, then you shouldn’t have had a beagle! They like smelling, exploring and space. These dogs run miles a day. A beagle is not a lapdog, to be kept inside on the sofa all day!

A beagle is not a lapdog, to be kept inside on the sofa all day

One poor, neglected puppy.

Thank you for your concern, it’s great to know there are people out there who care enough to check. I really do mean that. It’s good to know that you heard an animal you felt could be in distress and you took the time to find out.

Now please stop wandering up and down the country lane outside my garden, peering in through the hedges and lurking behind trees. You are freaking the hell out of my beagle, who is getting a hoarse throat from having to continuously bellow at you to get out of her territory and from alerting us to the fact there is a Random Stranger hanging around our house.


P. George!

A beagle is not a lapdog, to be kept inside on the sofa all day

A beagle is not a lapdog, to be kept inside on the sofa all day



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