A handful of help

This week it seems everyone wants to help me. My hubby is off work for two weeks so in effect I have a house husband. In theory, this is great.

Except – and now to sound like an ungrateful cow – when you work from home, you get into a routine. Hubby to work, kids to school, dog walked and then it’s coffee and silence before I get down to business. Having someone else in the house suddenly means the radio is on the wrong station and there’s a body in the bathroom when I need to be getting children’s teeth cleaned.

Mr G also gets distracted. For example, he offered to make me breakfast while I sat down to work. What a wonderful husband. Then he wandered off outside to do something. That was 30 minutes ago. Now I’m in a quandary. If I make my own breakfast, I look ungrateful. If I ask when he is going to do it, I sound like a nag and if I say nothing I’ll be getting brunch. And I’m hungry.

My mum also decided to help me. “You have work to catch up on and I’m bored. I’ll come and stay and do your ironing”, she says.

It sounds great. But it’s hard to work when she is chatting away to me about her art class and her sewing club and how much money the fete made last week. Having her here to help me is much more distracting than the pile of ironing lurking in the corner would be.

“I know you’re working, but shall we go out for lunch?”

“I can see you’re concentrating, but would you come and carry this for me?”

“I don’t want to disturb you, can you just tell me where this is . . . how to find that . . . how to open this . . ¬†show me where you want this . . . “

Mr G decides we need to clean the oven. This involves me getting up to find the instructions – new oven, new cleaning feature.

The electrician that Mr G called to fix the dryer arrives. I have to get up and call in the dog, because Mr G is busy explaining the problem and can’t do both at once.

My mum wants to know where to put the holiday clothes, I take her upstairs to show her.

She needs an extension cable for the iron. I wander through the house to find one.


I’ll let you know how we are getting on by the end of his two weeks off!

House husband for a week - and a novel approach to cleaning the cooker.

House husband for a week – and a novel approach to cleaning the cooker.





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A handful of help — 3 Comments

  1. omg…it’s SO TRUE! My husband just “surprised” me that he’s going to be off Monday, and as awful as it sounds, my first thought was, there goes any productivity for that day! I have to get anything/everything I have planned for Monday done this weekend cuz he will be all up in my kool aid. He’s like a puppy. At first it’s all…yay…hubby’s home. and then you’re like, GO LIE DOWN ALREADY.

  2. I feel this same way on mornings when my husband doesn’t go to work early. He is in my way, messing with my carefully crafted schedule, and distracting to the entire process of homeschool and work from home that my daughter and I have set up. it drives me crazy. But I still love him (once night falls and he is supposed to be at home!).

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