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Ten years ago Mr G and I went on holiday to Cuba. At the time I was working for an internet bank and had just been promoted to a people management position which had taught me, in the few months I’d been at it, a couple of vital things.

1. I don’t like managing people.

2. People do not like being managed by me.

3. I loved the industry I was in.

4. No job was, however, worth this much stress.

While I was sat on my underwater chair at the bar in the pool in the 30+ degree heat, I recall clearly making the decision that I had to let my boss know I could not carry on.

When I got home I gave her my decision, that she needed to either find me something else or I’d have to quit. It appeared they had also reached the same conclusion while I was away (I think my team were about to revolt) and had already planned a change about that put me back where I worked best, on the technical side.

Part of the reason I remember that so clearly is because it’s the first time I actively made an adult decision about my working life, rather than just letting it happen to me.

Here I am, ten years later and I’ve just got back from my second holiday in Cuba. As I mentioned before, the last few months have been particularly stressful. While I was there this time, I had another moment of clarity – that it’s time to cut out of my life some of the things that make me stressed and to identify my priorities, which I’ll go into another time.

It seems that going to Cuba is quite therapeutic for me – maybe I should go more often!


Another part of my new found stress relief process is to work out what’s good in my life. So, I’m joining in with this weeks blog hop run by the lovely Lizzie over at Considerings called Ten Things of Thankful. The idea is to identify ten things that make up the good part of my life – so here’s my first list.

1. Dolphins. Or rather, the chance I had to spend 30 minutes in the water with these magnificent, talented and funny creatures. Seeing the joy on Sackgirl’s face as they towed her around the water. It was a privilege.



2. One of the things we do when we visit another country is to learn about the way of life for the locals. We talk to the waiter and find out about their family. We ask the maid who is looking after her children while she spends 12 hours a day cleaning our rooms. We make sure our children understand how different things are.

So, I am thankful for our lives, that we have a house to come home to at night and beds for our children. I am thankful that we have food to give them and money to treat them occasionally.

3. Mr G, of course. I am grateful for my husband, who works so hard to make sure we have these things.

4. The joy of reading. And all the authors who work so hard to share their worlds and thoughts.

5. Friends who cheer me up when I’m down, who join me in celebrating the good times and eating cake with me through the bad times.

6. Arrow. Grey’s Anatomy. The Walking Dead. All the other fantastic shows I spend time indulging in when I could be working all night!

7. Water beds. It’s comfy, it’s heated, it’s indulgent. I love my bed!

8. Pets. My demented dog and ancient, loyal cat. They bring comfort, love and a great deal of work into our lives. Thanks to my cat, my feet are never cold at night – even with the heated bed! Thanks to my dog I get exercise – plenty of it. When I’m walking her, when I’m chasing her to get my brushes back, when I’m searching for her after she has run off . . .



9. Rum. What more is there to say!

10. Cheesecake. Because everything in life gets better with cheesecake.


I don’t know if I will join in the blog hop every week – but I’ll try!


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  1. glad you made it to the hop this week and who knows maybe the future as well! That beagle is adorable… is your dog that young? No wonder its demented… mine is old and demented… it must occur at both ends of the canine age spectrum. Revelations are hard to come by especially if ya gotta go to Cuba to get em… but I understand and hope you get many more chances for revelation in the future…

  2. It sounds like Cuba may be good for you! Congratulations on all the theraputic thinking and the decisions reached.

    And YAY for you joining in. There’s never any pressure to be here every week, but know that you will always be hugely welcome whenever it fits with you 😀

    Love the dolphins, and that you got to spend time with them. Orca and I are envious.

    Well done for using your holiday away as a learning opportunity – that’s very cool of you.

    And YAY for thankfulness 😀

    • ah – but I had to leave the dolphins behind whereas I know you and Orca are with me wherever I am. Except when i don’t have wifi. 🙂

  3. That is the cutest puppy I’ve ever seen!! So glad you linked up with the TToT this week! Don’t feel bad if you don’t make it every week. I’m not the best TToT blogger, either. But it’s a fun hop when I actually get to it!

    • Cute, but very naughty. I had to get a house sitter while we were away, all my friends refused to have her in their homes anymore.

  4. Welcome to the TToT bloghop… very enjoyable inaugural Post. dogs are very excellent… no direct experience with beagles, but from what I hear they are always up for the hunt…exercise will surely be the result.
    (one of the coolest things about this here bloghop here, is that it is a weekend thing… join in early Saturday or late Sunday and there will be people around commenting and such.)

    • I will be reading through some of the other posts this morning, now I am a little less rushed. Looking forward to taking part again.

  5. Welcome to the hop!!
    Well, it seems Cuba is a good place for clearing things up for you. I’d be glad it’s a lovely place like Cuba and not some frozen tundra in Canada. 🙂
    Swimming with dolphins looks like so much fun. I hope to do it someday.
    And that puppy…my word, that has got to be one of the cutest animals I have ever seen. How could you ever resist that face?!?! Your description of how the dog ensures you exercise made me laugh. I feel the same way about our pigs. 🙂
    No pressure to join us every week, but you are always welcome. Going around and reading all the things which make people happy always lightens my mood.

    • How many pigs do you have – are they pets or farm animals? We are considering pigs – growing our own food kinda thing, except Mr G is not sure he can eat something he feeds.

  6. Welcome to the TToT hop! I have to say, I’m just like you about managing people. Not my thing! I can manage a classroom of children, though, so I’m not completely worthless.

    The idea of vacationing in Cuba is so, well, foreign, to me, since Americans have travel restrictions there. But you sure have epiphanies when YOU are there!

    A delightful list – friends, family, puppies, Grey’s Anatomy and cheesecake!

    Hope you join us again soon.

    • oh no, couldn’t be doing with noisy children either. Actually, managing my old team was like having a room full of children, all moaning about having to work for a living.
      Thanks – I hope to join you again.

  7. Rum and cheesecake – I’d be more thankful if both of those things were calorie free 🙂 Love the pic of you and the dolphins – how amazing!

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