Mighty Light Crunchy Goodness

Those lovely people at Walkers asked my specialist Test Team if we would try out their latest snacks for them, the new Mighty Lights crisps.

It was clearly going to be a task that required concentration, dedication and expertise. Obviously we wanted to focus our attention in the right areas, so we got together to identify the key points, aims and outcomes we needed to achieve before deciding which members of the team had the best skill sets and attributes for the job.

The kids won – again!

But it was a fair fight.

The kids seem slightly over excited at the prospect of crisps

The kids seem slightly over excited at the prospect of crisps

Walkers provided us with six-packs in 3 different flavours – Lightly Salted, Roast Chicken and Cheese & Onion. This worked out nicely, as it meant we all got to try every flavour.

Walkers say that the new Mighty Lights crisps contain 30% less fat than standard potato crisps on average. Which was great for me, since that meant I could eat 30% more without messing up my weekly diet! (Yes, that is what it means and no, I don’t need you to bring me back to reality!)

The kids got to work, focusing on carefully chomping on every crisp to ensure that the  crunchiness carried on in every bite. I think we can say for certain that none of the crisps in the packets we tested were soft!

Each crisp has a ridged texture. Personally I prefer this to thin cut flat crisps. In addition they are made from real potatoes – as opposed to those fake ones – and have no artificial colours or preservatives. Walkers promote them as being a great source of fibre, essential in a healthy diet. Mighty Lights are also suitable for vegetarians!

Lovely ridged crisps!

Lovely ridged crisps!

Finally the Test Team were ready to provide their conclusions, although I noticed it did seem to take a couple of packets each!

Sackgirl confirmed that the Cheese & Onion flavour are her favourite, although she would prefer some in Salt and Vinegar if they made them. (They don’t.)

Botboy preferred ‘the red ones’ – the Lightly Salted. As the youngest member of the team we have found that his taste buds are just not prepared for a lot of flavour in most food groups yet, so it’s good to know there was something he enjoyed.

As a responsible mum I do like to know that the snacks I buy my kids are slightly good for them, so I’m always on the look out for new healthy foods to add to their lunch boxes. As it is I don’t often buy crisps because I prefer the kids to see snack foods as a treat and not a daily food group.

Each packet contains approximately 144 calories, which is more than the Hoops and Crosses we tested previously. However, I have to say I preferred these in taste and texture. Next time I go on the look out for crisps for lunch boxes, I would definitely be tempted by these (once I have checked the price). They taste good, they are healthier and both kids like them.

Just the one complaint – again- though Walkers. There just is not a lot in the packet!

Lunch box fillers!

Lunch box fillers!

This was a sponsored post however all of the opinions are my own (with help from my test team)!

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