The Kitchen Party

Picture this – waking up in a tent. The tent is blue, so the light shining through the wall casts a blue tone to everything I can see – clothes, sleeping bag, trainers, teddy, water lapping around my inflatable mattress . . .

I peer out of the partially unzipped door to see my mum wade past in the living area of the tent. Yes – wade past, because our tent is currently under a foot of water. My mum is trying to rescue whatever she can. My dad is stomping about growling – every footstep causes a tidal wave to slop up against the wall of the tent.

We climb out of sleeping bags and into the car, my brothers and I, to wait. As my mum loads more of our sopping wet belongings into the boot, she passes me a damp present and a card. I open it up to see the Major Morgan I have wanted ever since I saw the advert. You know the one! Where the girl dances around the playground tapping out a tune on her shiny blue Major Morgan and all the boys and girls skip along behind her in the sun.

(If you don’t remember it, I have linked to that advert at the bottom of the post. Play from 0.7 to 0.27 of this You Tube clip.)

Except I’m sitting in a car on a washed out camping holiday with my family and my brothers make it clear they have no intention of following me, or skipping, ever. My reality! Happy birthday to me.

It always rains on my birthday. Always. Without fail. Ever since I got my Major Morgan, it’s been wet every since. Sorry England – wet August’s are all my fault.

Except for my 18th. That was a beautiful sunny evening. My friends were round, my brother’s were making an effort to interact with them all. The booze was flowing. I remember it clearly – after all, I was in bed with glandular fever and didn’t touch a drop.

I organised a party in the garden for my 30th. I arranged for a gazebo to cover the food. I planned it far in advance. Then the thunder and lightening started and I had to call all my friends to stop them coming over at the last minute.

So, this weekend is again my birthday weekend. On Tuesday the forecast for Saturday was sunshine all day. I decided to go for it. I arranged a BBQ.

On Wednesday the forecast was cloudy. By Thursday it was light rain. On Friday the forecast had reached torrential rain, all day. I considered putting up the gazebo but the forecast of high winds meant that it could have turned into a whole new You Tube Video moment.

Dark Stormy Clouds It's my birthday!

Dark Stormy Clouds
It’s my birthday!



I guess this year it’s a kitchen party!

Luckily (is this my age showing?) I bought myself a shiny new oven for my birthday this year. So, we had an oven party. The booze flowed, the wind howled. But that was ok, because inside my kitchen it was lovely and warm.

I hope your birthdays run smoother than mine!

My birthday present!

My birthday present!




The Major Morgan advert – Play from 0.7 to 0.27 of this You Tube clip.

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