Do giraffes run while mating?


The conversation went a little like this.

“Did you know that giraffes have to run while they’re having sex?”

             “Noooo. Why?”

“I don’t know. Something to do with their necks getting tangled up maybe?”

Momentary silence while everyone tries to imagine two giraffes getting it on.

“Prap’s their skinny little legs can’t take the weight?”

                “The forward momentum might help him finish faster.”

“If they are running while they are bonking, do the women have to steer too?”

                 “What if they get caught up in the trees?”

Another pause while we picture an open tundra with bow legged giraffes dashing about playing piggy back, the occasional pair hanging from the sparse trees, necks tied in knots.

“Blimey, male giraffes have a tough life.”

Having considered the positioning, we move on to the mechanics.

“He must have a really good aim, to be able to get it in while on two legs and keeping up with a sprinting woman!”

“Maybe she isn’t sprinting, just jogging.”

            “Still, he’d be on tip toes and having to stay on.”

 “Maybe they have really long ones too.”

              “Long and wavy!”

  “Like heat seeking missile, er, snakes.”

Another mental image – I’ll let you picture that one for yourself.

“No. That can’t be right. Surely not. What a daft system. Hang on, I will check.”

Out come the phones. Thank goodness for Google, fact checking at your finger tips. And some You Tube video evidence, no less.

This discussion has been brought to you from the Morning Dog Walk.

The Morning Dog Walk - 7 women, 14 dogs and a lot of conversation

The Morning Dog Walk – 7 women, 14 dogs and a lot of conversation

The Morning Dog Walk is pretty much what it says. I walk each day with a lovely bunch of women, ranging from 2 to 7 of us and up to 14 dogs at a time. As you can imagine, getting a bunch of girls together every day means we discuss most topics from giraffes to why our kids wiped snot on the ceiling, with time to set the world to rights thrown in.

If you would like to know the actual facts about giraffes mating, I found this very helpful site. There may not be so much jogging involved, but while researching this topic I did learn that giraffes are into to same sex relationships and golden showers.

So, you learn something new every day!

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Do giraffes run while mating? — 14 Comments

  1. Wow! I came here to be amused and ended up educated into the bargain. Sounds like you’ve got a great dog-walking group going – hope to hear more from them soon 🙂

    • Well – the walk is great in the summer, but when it’s gales, snow and sleet, we are less happy about it.

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