A new way to play Tic Tac Toe?

Today is a day of new experiences for the whole family! It’s the kids first time as Guinea Pigs,  it’s my first official review and it’s the first time we have tried these new Baked Hoops and Crosses from Walkers!

We do like new experiences.

We received this exciting box in the post from Walkers, which Sackgirl took official charge of opening! She took a few seconds minutes to read the booklet of useful facts that came with it – about how Walkers new Hoops and Crosses are made with 56% wholegrain-  before finally discovering what was inside.

First reaction – a very delighted “Crisps!” which immediately got Botboy to focus!

Let’s face it, if it looks like a packet of crisps, 90% of our kids are going to want to try it! We got the Roast Beef flavour to test. They also come in Salt & Vinegar and Prawn Cocktail. I think we were safe with these though!

Testing Walkers Baked Hoops and Crosses

Testing Walkers Baked Hoops and Crosses

We carefully selected our first crisp each. Botboy had a good sniff to be sure it was edible. We wiped the sweat from our brows – taste testing is a serious business you know!

First try, the Guinea Pigs chewed carefully and slowly to truly savour the full flavour and texture.

No, not really, they crunched away as fast as they could. But from the senior members of the test team, we can confirm that they are crunchy and airy – not unlike Monster Munch in texture.

And the results?

A thumbs up from the test team. And then the kids hijacked the rest and woofed them down at speed!

A thumbs up all round.

A thumbs up all round.


So – what are these new crisps from Walkers and would I buy them?

Walkers say these are a fun new snack to put in kids lunchboxes instead of less healthy alternatives. Baked Hoops and Crosses are made with 56% wholegrain, which is good for the kids health and a balanced diet. In addition, each bag is only 85 calories – which means I can eat them without feeling bad too.

What was worrying is that according to the literature provided by Walkers (taken from the British Journal of Nutrition) is that 27% of kids in the UK don’t get any wholegrain at all.

Am I the only parent now mentally running through a list of the kids daily intake and checking that we do have some wholegrain foods in the house?

Would I buy them for the kids? Yes, I probably would – once I have checked out the price. Sackgirl loves Salt & Vinegar, so I think we will try some of those next time we are buying crisps, instead of the normal flat crisps.

The added bonus being, as these are healthier than the average crisp and have no added artificial colours or preservatives, I can put them in the kids lunchboxes without feeling that all the teachers will be judging me at lunchtime.

What would be nice though, Walkers, is if you could put ‘healthy addition to kids lunchboxes’ in GIANT letters on the front of the packet, to make that clearer to the school!

My only grumble – which goes out to Walkers and all crisp manufacturers – is put more in the bag please!




Please note that this was a sponsored post however all of the opinions are my own (with help from my test team)! 

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    • It’s all crisps these days! Maybe it’s just because we were younger, everything seemed bigger! Like Mars Bars. They have shrunk too.

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