The problem with a seesaw

The sun came out today – a beautiful, warm and still day. The first one we have seen for months. Maybe over a year, if my memory of last summer (rain, grey rain) is correct. So I had to take a day off – a benefit of being self-employed!

Of course, a day off for a working mum doesn’t actually mean a day of relaxing. It means a day of catching up on the other jobs that are waiting. Like cleaning out the chicken house.


Still, I decided next on the list was to put together the seesaw Sackgirl was given for her birthday. Give me a flat pack, a diagram and a tiny allen key and I can put together anything!

I may have spotted a snag . . .

I may have spotted a snag

I may have spotted a snag

Of course, there is one major problem with a seesaw. No matter how well put together . . .

It does take two!

It does take two!

You do need two!

Poor BotBoy was not very pleased with his first try on the new toy. Luckily his sister came home not too long after, so they could test it out properly.

A seesaw is built for two!

A seesaw is built for two!

Did you get any sunshine today? What did you do?




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The problem with a seesaw — 3 Comments

    • I had to convert that – 32 Celsius. Nice! Its warm here today, 18 (64 Farenheit) which is great for May. Have a great party.

  1. I sanded doors (that seems to be the story of my life at the moment) 😉

    I love the seesaw and the kids look very happy! Well done 😀

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