Awards! me, me, me.

I’ve gotten behind on a lot recently, but top of the list on things I need to catch up on is picking out this award and saying thank you to Knowledge Knut for nominating me!

KK has a beautiful voice – take a look at her page and you will see what I mean. And it’s clearly not just me who thinks so, she has so many awards from appreciative bloggers. So, I get to pick one of her awards for myself . . . and I know which one I want.

My friends would expect me to choose the Dragon’s Loyalty Award. I love dragons – have done ever since I was old enough to watch Dungeons and Dragons.

I considered the Versatile Blogger Award, except I have received that once before. Twice would be greedy.

So – I’m picking The Super Sweet Blogging Award. It’s bright and colourful and it’s cake. What more could you want? I pick this one please KK!



The rules –

Display the award certificate on your website.
• Announce your win with a post and link to whoever presented your award.
•  Nominate a “Bakers Dozen” – 13 blogs
• Drop them a comment to tip them off after you’ve linked them in the post.
• Answer the 5 “Super Sweet” questions

1.  Cookies or cake?    Cookies – all the way

2.  Chocolate or Vanilla?   Chocolate! No, Vanilla. No, Chocolate. 

3.  What is your favorite sweet treat – cheesecake or frozen yogurt?   Erm – you need to ask? Cheesecake!

4.  When do you crave sweet things the most?  When I am awake. 

5.  If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be?  Something that rhymes with ‘Eats a lot of cheesecake’!

So – 13 blogs to nominate . . .

Lessons Learned from the Flock

Alisa Alering

Keeping it Real Mum

Emma Wolf

Ned Hicks

Belle Jar

At least we made it this far

Harper Faulkner


Geeky Book Snob

I know – that’s only 10. But seriously, it’s late and I’m tired.









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Awards! me, me, me. — 9 Comments

    • Nah – one at a time or I would feel like I was cheating! You just have to give me more later 😉

      Dragons – always! I painted a huge mural on my bedroom wall when I lived at my parents. It’s still there now – my kids sleep in the ‘dragon room’. My mum keeps trying to paint over it but she can’t quite bring herself to do it!

    • Thanks Dianne. I haven’t seen you about in a bit, I will do my best to catch up on the blogs I have missed today!

  1. Congratulations on your yummy award, Piper! I couldn’t think of a more fitting award for you, especially since you promised to post the recipe of the cheesecake featured in your header. Also, I gotta say I prefer cheesecake over frozen yogurt too. Although, for some reason, I’m rather intimidated to bake this dessert. Please tell me cheesecake is not that difficult to make . . .

    Also, thanks for the gracious nod to my blog. We’ve been hanging around the same parts of the blogosphere for some time now and I consider it such an honor!

    • It’s an easy recipe – I will post it soon I promise! I keep getting distracted by so many things at the moment!

      It’s great to see the same people around, I really enjoy the blog community. I think I need to expand though – do you recommend any other blogger hangouts?

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